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Chevrolet Cobalt



  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    They just love to review fully loaded $30K + cars instead of the "poorer of working class" models. A car magazine which tested both the base and optional engine cars would be refreshing. Edmund's and MSN Auto do some testing of more lowly models, which is a good thing. Pick up a typical mag. and you will see a review of the 911 vs. Corvette. While I like both cars, I would have to buy one quite a few years old. I take it only the rich and the wannabees buy car mags these days? I like the Consumer Reports to see what the owners rated the cars. Not sure about Consumers reviews as they sometimes hit the mark, while other times they seem biased. I recall back in around 1976 a review on the Olds Cutlass, and they did not like the tire pressure. I am serious. When you test a car don't you use the exact pressure as recommended, and thus would fill it up yourself. They had a thing about slamming GM. Maybe they are over that now. Fact is the time to slam GM occurred later around that time, but not over tire pressure. That was the beginning of the end. If they test the Mazda3 against the Cobalt I assume Mazda will win overall, and particularly in Zoom-Zoom ability. Looks better inside too. Personally, the Mazda3 judging from the forum here, does have some first and second year bugs, so maybe a third year car, as in '06 would be a best choice. I don't know if I like the electric assist steering. Some are reporting a noise being generated in the steering system. I can do without electric steering and electronic throttle (which hopefully is not on any of these two cars) a cable is fine and works for me. The Cobalt is a pretty good evolution of the Chevy small car and perhaps less cavalier in overall build. Now a revolution car could have been a new Nova III with rear wheel drive. That would be a statement that Chevy has a Honda and Toyota killer on the loose. Could have a sweet straight six with say 200HP selling for under $20k and a i4 just like the one they are using now, and selling for $16K but in a rear wheel drive car with fresh new and perhaps a little retro styling of a Nova III. Hey, maybe even have a V8 and compete with the Mustang. Now there is a car that is selling. The Chrysler 300 and Magnum are selling. See a trend there, as in RWD? Heck a mid-engine Corvair would be cool. A Corvair Monza coupe for 2006 - cool ! Drive that baby to Ralph Nadar for President rallies -- woo-hoo!!! If they pull off the Solstice and can make money on it, or even break even, maybe that is the boost GM needs. I do not see too many G6 on the road, and I am not sure about the sales of Cobalt. They sorta meld with all the rest, so it is hard to pick them out going down the freeway. Maybe they are selling. Certainly better than the Monte Carlo and Malibu. Poor Malibu got it's name stolen and put on an econo FWD car. A crime has been committed. This is my opinion - I realize others see it all differently, which is fine too. Remember what Lee said, " Lead, follow, or get out of the way." Hummm? The PT first followed by the Chevy version coming out soon.... looks like GM listened. I think its called the HHR or something. Anyway, it is late to the table, IMHO.

  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I'm sort of tired also of the car mags just testing the high-performance cars. At least Car & Driver and especially Consumer Reports test more plebeian vehicles.

    What's your beef about CR complaining 29 years ago about a car's tire pressure? They used to list sample defects, and my guess is the car was delivered with severely under- or overinflated tires. In the 70s, CR generally preferred GM cars over Fords or Chryslers. Some Chrysler products of the era used to rack up 40 or so defects per vehicle.

    When CR stopped reporting on sample defects a few years ago, the rate was down to 0 to 2 per vehicle.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Which dealer? I'm in Plainfield.
  • prdmprdm Posts: 145
    Have had the car (LS sedan) for a day now and 115 miles. It is very nice, Fit and finish are good, everything is tight, dealer prep was fine (for lostwrench-Fairfield). We ordered the car from the factory on March 2nd and it was delivered on the 22nd - very fast. One interesting quirk and one annoying miss. They've programmed the engine to drop RPM's very slowly when clutch is pushed in; takes some geting used to. A wind whistle from the driver's window area manifesting at about 30 MPH but doesn't get louder with more speed. I suppose that's why we have the sub-woofer option.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Wow, electric steering assist. Does it sing to you? I hear that some do in Mazda3 cars. I could do without that. Next thing you know, they will make the throttle by wire too. You can get some weird problems with those. I wonder if Consumer Reports has found out that air can be added to tires, and a tire gauge is available for $3 so people can, or should I say, should check and adjust if needed air in tires every couple weeks to every month depending on use and climate. When you pick up your new car from the dealership, or the local fast lube, I could assure you that 9 out of 10 times the air level is off in one or more tires. When doing track testing, they should be spot on at the time of testing. I like CR for the customer surveys, and will read some of their car reports, which I must say do find some problem areas in cars, and enlighten one on what they find as possible good points.They did find some issues in the Dodge Stealth which were right on the mark. I owned one, and had those problems, or annoyances. So, if you read say three different reviews, do a road test or two yourself, you may have the best shot at sorting it all out.
  • I currently own a 2004 Cavalier LS, with 6,000 miles, which I really like and plan to keep for a while.

    While the Cavalier was at the dealership for routine maintenance, I took a look at the new Cobalts, and they really are lightyears ahead of the Cavalier. If I enjoy the Cavalier, I know I would enjoy the Cobalt. Interior is worlds improved! My dealership had a good amount, but only sedans.
  • ericf1ericf1 Posts: 54
    Automatic coupes are pretty easy to find around here now, except none of them come with side-impact airbags. I think with the results of the recent tests they'll start shipping them to the lot equipped with them.

    If I was to order the Coupe w/side air right now they said it would take over a month to get it.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,970
    I'm finally starting to see some sedans on the road. They look OK but have too much overhang in the front. Make it look a little weird and imbalanced. The front wheels should have been pushed a couple of inches forward.
  • gmhellmangmhellman Posts: 121
    Edmunds listed an article that showed an aftermarket parts producer is starting to offer a hood with scoop and ground effects kits for now with more equipment later. This does bode well for the cobalt if already they are going to offer kits to upgrade your cobalt. I would love to see more enigne/exhaust/suspension/tire kits. :)
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    I think the Cobalt looks fantastic as is. One of the sharpest looking small cars on the road, nothing weird at all?

    If I was looking today I would buy one in a heartbeat.
  • charlie_bcharlie_b Posts: 19
    anyone know how big the air conditioner is and how well it works? i was reading about the colorados and people are complaining that the AC is far too small and doesn't work well. i live in south mississsippi and must have an adequate AC for high heat and high humidity.
  • avemanaveman Posts: 122
    It seems that chevy wants to bleed you for some cash if you want side air bags. On the base sedan you must purchase antilock brakes to order an airbag. I believe that saturn offered the airbag as a stand aone option.Also, Hyndai or Kia will bump you up to 4 wheel disc if you order antilock.Does antone have a comment good or bad regarding GM's antilock useing disc and drum combination.I don't know much about brakes. I know that disc /drum performance would be fine for the way I drive. However, is a disc/drum antilock system less reliable than an all disk antilock system. My concern , is that if the antilock system works so fast , wouldn't it be better to have on off control of simalar (all disk) brake mechanisim than disk and drum which grab differently. Can the timing and balance work out as well.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Well, I had them on my '97 Camry 4-cylinder, and have them on my '04 Camry 4-cylinder, and they work fine. I have not had a problem, either in use or in reliability.

    I do think it's a cheap-out on the part of the manufacturers not to offer disks all around. My 1980 Volvo had 4-wheel disks and so did my '90 Mercury Sable (which had optional ABS as well).
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I prefer 4 wheel disk brakes. As for anti-lock, if they come with a car, that's OK I guess. If it is part of a package to get traction control, like on a Mustang, that is the deal. I normally just go with what ever is stock. Best brake system is to always look well ahead of you while driving and try to determine what is going on, and have an escape route when possible. If braking or steering out of trouble is not possible, use an appropriate cuss word, then call 911. I have been driving since, I guess it is 1968, and have not hit any car so far. :D

  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I generally like Mark butI think he is a bit harsh on the car for some loose trim and I wrote him to tell him that. He stuck by his rating bat did get back to me on my note which was nice. Usually don't get a reply from these guys.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Seems to be a little nit picking in my opinion. When I first was made aware of the Cobalt article, I thought there were some significant quality issues.
  • avemanaveman Posts: 122
    Most reports I have seen on the Cobalt have been positive. I am going to check it out and keep an eye on it's progress.It seems to have all the basics covered; safety ,performance handling , fuel economy, interior quality, and decent styling.The fact that the engine and transmission are not brand new should be a big plus for reliability.I think it takes a long time for the software to catch up when mating a brand new transmision.People will nit pick, but they ought to take all the positive comments,(like one of the queitest cars in it's class), seriously. I hope the Cobalt does well. It is on my short list of cars to consider.
  • good to hear the wing is optional. Wonder what speed you have to drive at to actually make it useful?

    And yes, , many folks love wings...and usually have huge wheels and razor thin tires to go with it. it's their car, their money, and they should have opportunity to buy it! More power to them, and to the mechanic that fixes the stuff after regular roads bang it up.

    Then again, C&D is sponsoring a racetrack competition in a number of cities this year...wonder how many SS's will be there?
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    Did you guys know that Powell Motorsport races the Cobalt SS in Grand-Am Cup? I can't get enough of sports car racing. Here is a picture of it from earlier this season.

    By the way, I didn't like the Cavalier, but the Cobalt seems pretty nice.

  • jscevjscev Posts: 36
    Has anyone seen reviews on the 06 Civic Concept Si? To me looks like Honda is trying to prove they still are the tuner champs. Personally i am a Chevy fan and i dont like civics. but this new one, as long as they keep it close if not the same as the concept i may go to that, instead of the cobalt at the end of the yr..of course i am talking about the cobalt ss as the competitor. what is your guys/girls oppinon?
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Although it doesn't mention Cobalt as such, this article is very interesting and does discuss GM's current strategy and market success:
  • avemanaveman Posts: 122
    That could be why the article was so negative. Most points in the article were valid.I disagree with GM needing a Mustang clone.I would like to see them compete with their competitiors on fuel economy.As a quality,built in america car, I will give the Cobalt a few points against the competion. As each year goes by , fuel economy will be more important to me.I would like to see a 2.2 L VVT version of the ecotec to get fuel milage closer to honda and toyota's 1.8L engines. Also I think that quality diesel performane is needed in all (including small) cars and trucks.I am optimistic about GM's long term plans to compete in the fuel cell market. However, their short term fuel ecomomy plans for the US market I am not aware of.The Cobalt will be high on my list, and depending on when I am able to buy If it misses, It will probably be fuel economy.I am not all that sold on Hybrids compared to deisel.
  • ericf1ericf1 Posts: 54
    Biodeisel has some pretty interesting prospects.

    What kind of milage is the 2.4L Ecotec supposed to get?
  • jscevjscev Posts: 36
    I like how chevy has there one muscle/sports car, then they have there luxury sports car and whatnot and then they have there 4cyl sports car. Ford has to many stangs out there. they should only make a v8 mustang. the v6 stangs look fake to me. i dont like them. i think now that chevy has come out with the new designe corvette and the cobalt ford has been left behind with the younger generation.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    " I like how chevy has there one muscle/sports car, then they have there luxury sports car and whatnot and then they have there 4cyl sports car. Ford has to many stangs out there. they should only make a v8 mustang. the v6 stangs look fake to me. i dont like them. i think now that chevy has come out with the new design corvette and the cobalt ford has been left behind with the younger generation. " -end quote-

    No, Ford is ahead of Chevy in cars. The Focus is pretty popular as a first car, or a fun car to zip around in and it gets good gas mileage. The younger generation in my college city own a lot of VW Jettas and Mustangs. The V6 Mustang has always been popular with all ages. You now have 210HP V6 Mustang selling for less than the Cobalt Super Charged. The Cobalt in front wheel drive. So what exactly do you mean from the quote above about fake? While Cobalt is a good little econo car for $14K, it is less a value in the high end. If people want smaller high end, they will just buy the Acura. The Mustang V8 GT is very popular for those that want an even more macho sound, more power ( more than needed ) and the image of the GT status. As for the Corvette, that is a great high end car, and score a point for GM, as does the Caddy CTS, which in a way is interesting. Most of the GM stuff is not particularly remarkable in any way. It is just there.

  • jscevjscev Posts: 36
    Chevy now has all if the SS's coming back. and i barely ever see focus's driing around
    i go back and forth from maine to vermont all the time and i dont remember the last time i saw a focus. person i think they are ugly cars as do many of my friends. im sure there are many ppl out there that liek them but i do not think they are as popular as cavaliers and soon to be cobalts. the cobalt just hasnt been out long enough..and the SS still isnt out. which i feel has hurt chevy because i was planning on gettin one but they waited so long i have gotten introduced to the new civic that will be out later this yr suposively..thats a diff. topic though. ya v6 stangs may be a little cheaper then a cobalt but look at gas milage too. and the cobalt is only a 4cyl and it only has 50 less hp. ford doesnt seem to have one big sports car.. and if they did it would be the v8 stang. but since there is so many stangs riding aorund your like, oh wow another stang.. but whenever one sees a vette there like man look at that thing. its so sweet. other then the mustang and the focus, what other ford car appeals to the younger generation? Chevy has made the Monte Carlo sporty to fit the younger gen even though i dont like them i see alot of them around. Chevy has the Impala SS,which is kinda a family car but at least it would be cooler to ride around in then a taurus. even though the Aveo or whatver is ugly to me im sure it will become a popular car, more so then a escort. i think ford needs to redisign there cars or come out with new models to attract ppl.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    The Chevy SS on a rear wheel drive would be impressive. As for Monte Carlo, I must admit, it is different looking. A front wheel drive, V6 - automatic, and hardly sporty, the Monte Carlo looks like a comfortable cruising car. Make the real Malibu SS, like in 1968 and I'd be impressed. The Impala SS is another OK car; nothing exciting there. If my back was better, I would consider a C4 Corvette, or maybe the C5, though each model change seems to up the cost of ownership. Just look at tire costs from C4 to C5 to C6. The sky is the limit. Fine auto, but getting more costly as time goes on and they get more high tech. I saw the Corvettes at Laguna Seca last year - awesome cars. Most middle class people though may opt for the Mustang, which starts around half or less than a Vette. Other than the Vette, I just don't see too much to be excited about with Chevy, though the Cobalt looks a bit more styled in the coupe than the Cavalier. Nothing really all that much to set it apart from the rest though looks wise. Sort of another Japanese car look to me. So what would be wrong with getting the Civic, other than less HP. The gas mileage on Honda is higher, so people will like those figures more, if saving is the game. And the resale is much higher in the long and short run. Be it another Nova with RWD, or a mid-engine version of a Corvair, something to spark the imagination needs to happen. Ford and GM need NEW cars. The PT was a new car when it came out. The Chrysler 300 and Magnum are NEW cars. Interesting the post above mentioned people looking at Corvettes over there on the East Coast. On the Left Coast they are so common, people don't notice them much at all, all though they are thought of as fine cars. Heck, even the Elise is being seen often on the roads around here. I owned one car that got attention, and that was the first Dodge Stealth here on the Central Coast. Around here and on the road, be it Oregon, Idaho, Utah, or any town I went through, that car drew attention. The next year, the Camaro and Firebird changed body styles, along with the other sporty cars, and the new / unique wore off in a couple years. If GM made a Camaro which was smaller than the original, had a nice inline six, which could get 33 MPG, that would sell.... I think. I have no idea how the public is with cars, and they can be fickle indeed. They seem to like retro, so maybe something slightly retro to the first Camaro. I think there are those looking for true sports car. Why not something different than the other pony car. Something lighter, smaller engines, independent rear suspension, trim in size, but still have a real trunk in the back. How about making a mid-sized Malibu again, with sporty lines? Wonder if Buick will be the next line to get axed? I learned to drive on an old Buick Le Sabre - '61 I think it was.

  • avemanaveman Posts: 122
    Hats off to chevy for making real world performance cars for today ,not yester year. The Cobalt SS kicks out great performance and alsoget decent fuel mileage.I personaly would take the Cobalt over theCivic.I had a ba experience wiyh two Civics a an auto show. Both had seats that were hard enough to adjust propely that I would call them defective.It is a small thing but it was enouh to set off quality alarms to me.However,Honda will have a new Civic coming out soon that the Cobalt will have to deal with.I agree that GM needs to keep an eye on the competions fuel Milage ratings.I checked out news and they seem to be on the ball concernig fuel efficient engine technologgy.However, some people who want to keep a car for a few years (like me), don't want to get caught up in the high fuel price with low milelage car.I think the Cobalts mileage is ok for todays milage but GM should speed up the push for fuel sipping cars.I mention that I am not sold on gas hybrid cars. Well, GM is using a desiel hybrid engine in a concept car for europe. They also are doing a premium ecotec 1.8 litre for europe.I can only speak for myself, if I am buying this year the currnet 2.2 l Cobalt engine will work for me. If I am buying next year , it may or may not work for me.People that have to streatch their budget to get in a new car ,don't get to know when they are going to hit us hard at the fuel pump.Given my above concerns, if I wanted a performace car, would I go Mustang or Cobalt SS.Well to be honest I would probablly get the 2.4l non supercharged SS when it becomes avaiible.For performance and economy that shoud make the cobalt tough to bat.But, the next engine coming should offer better or equal fuel ecomony than the civic or corolla,or the mission wilnot be complete.I remember goin into chevy dealers as a kid picking up Vega brochures,so I am being picky.It would be cool to say I bought a Chevy.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Maybe it's just me and my old eyes, but these posts sure would be a lot easier to read if y'all would use paragraphs.

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