Rear engine seal leaking.

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I took my truck into the local gmc dealership in Thompson, MB to get my block heater changed because it never did work from new, actually till this day.  I only had 17000kms on it at the time and on my way back from the shop the front drive line fell off due to the u-joints not being properly tightened.  It destroyed the transmission housing, bell housing, oil pan, shift lever, huge dents in the floor board, and God only knows what else it wrecked.  The vehicle was out of commission for a month for repairs.  It was never registered with gmc Canada as they messed up and only wrote it up as changing seals and a few small parts.  Now 70000 Kms later my rear engine seal is pouring oil out,  at the time I reported it to gmc Canada kind of for my own protection in case I have later troubles and their response was well we will cover you for 5 years or 100000 Kms on warranty.  But now I am over in years and not in Kms, so now due to damaged cause by a gmc mechanic I now have a huge bill to pay which really sucks. 
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