Two offers to consider

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I was offered two different leases with NO money down, payments includes taxes, inception fees and all else.

Ford Escape Titanium White Pearl on Black Leather
10,500 miles
36 months

1) $31,950 MSRP (base version of the Titanium) no extras

= $300/m

2) $38,350 (higher end version will all the good stuff)

= $357/m

Really having a hard time deciding. Which is a better deal?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    What's the selling price of each vehicle? Not MSRP I presume?
  • dacunha213dacunha213 Member Posts: 5
    Honestly I didn't even ask. I had an edmunds promise quote at $33,000 and $28,500 I think.

    I don't plan on buying so I didn't care.
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    Good, the Price Promise quotes should be a lower cap cost than MSRP at most dealers.

    I guess the real question now is whether all the extra goodies are worth that extra $57 a month.

  • dacunha213dacunha213 Member Posts: 5
    I ended up getting the higher end version for $345/m. No money down pmt included Ll fees and taxes.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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