2013 QX56 - Catalytic Converter Premature Failure

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This post is meant to inform consumers and current QX56 owners of a potential significant repair cost and my experience with Infiniti Consumer Affairs. I would like to start off by saying the QX56 is my second Infiniti to own. I had no issues with my M35 and was very pleased with that vehicle.

With respect to the QX56 both Catalytic Converters have failed. One failed at approximately 60K miles and was replaced by Infiniti under warranty. The second failed at 85K miles and was not under warranty by 5K miles and Infiniti Consumer Affairs informed me that they would not assist in anyway because they are only required to warrant Catalytic Converters through 80K miles. I let them know that I am a second time Infiniti owner and that I felt that Infiniti has an issue with the premature failure of their Catalytic Converters and while I realize that it is 5K miles beyond the warranty period I felt that they should take some ownership of the failure in some form or fashion especially since one side failed at 60K miles. They denied to assist in any form or fashion.

To replace one Catalytic Converter on a QX56 you are looking at anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on where you choose to have the repair done so if you plan on hanging onto your QX56 or you are planning to purchase a used QX56 be prepared for about $5,000 in repair costs and expect nothing more from the Nissan Corporation other than what they have printed in black and white.
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