Clunking Sound under hood When Turning

JerikaJerika Barrie ONMember Posts: 1
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Bought a 2012 Santa Fe Sport 3 months ago, with very low km's, (38,000). Been loving it. Drives smoothly, good gas mileage, comfy ride. Took it to dealer for first oil change and since driving out of the lot thereafter, there is a clunking sound up front, under hood in the turning of either direction. Took it back to dealer with this complaint. They first changed a rear shock absorber. Drove it 10 minutes, then drove right back to dealer. Still the sound. A tech then drove with me so he and I could both listen for it; he did. Went back in, changed bearing in front struts, both sides. Still very evident sound. I feel like this is going to be a constant back and forth to dealer for the appropriate diagnosis. I am so disappointed as this is the first time I've ever taken any of our vehicles in for an oil change in 32 years. My husband always has done them.....
Has anyone else ever experienced this clunking sound under hood, while slowing down in a turn??
I feel like something was compromised in the linkage while it was on hoist and wheels left hanging.
Any advice from anyone with same experience or even some insight, knowledge would be appreciated.
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