What would cause vibration/shutter on highway on Ford Freestar 2004 van?

sandyscampersandyscamper Member Posts: 1
edited June 2015 in Ford
This only occurs on the highway at 50 mph and above and seems to occur mostly going uphill, even small hills.
I will get a slight vibration/shutter for a few seconds underneath the van, the it is gone. Seems to occur when
more effort is needed going up hills. I balanced the tires, but still there. Weird as it stops as soon as it begins (1-2 seconds at most) so far, and slight vibration. At first I thought it was the roads. It feels kind of like going over those ridges on the interstate that keep people awake, but only slight. I did the transmission recall for this van about 30000 miles ago, and my first thought was it is the tranny again?? Mystery what it is.
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