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Accord trim levels 2007 & 2011 (also vs Sonata or similar)

davidzcardavidzcar Member Posts: 1
edited June 2015 in Honda
Hello all,

I can't believe it's taken me this long to think to ask you for help. I blame it on the heat, my brain doesn't think well above 80 degrees.

Here's my situation.

My 2003 altima is about ready to die, so I'm hunting for a replacement.

My short list at this point tends to point to accords, sonatas and perhaps camerys (although to be honest, the camerys I've seen don't really appeal to me). I'll mention that I don't have anything against suv type vehicles, but they tend to get worse gas mileage, and I don't "need" the upright seating posture or extra cargo capacity at the moment.

I'm not looking for a "sporty" car, I really only value a nice, comfy, smooth, quiet, highway drive. Although it is a bonus if it can navigate a parking lot with ease.

I do have a handful a features that are a must have, and one feature I'd really like to avoid if I can.


power drivers seat, the more options the better.

Power lumbar support, manual would be acceptable, as that is what my altima has. bonus points for up-and-down adjustment as well as in-and-out.

one touch windows, the more the better... bonus for all 4 windows.

Sliding center armrest. I drive with my right elbow resting on the armrest, so this is a pretty big one. I have sat in the 2007 and 2010 accords, and they would both work I think,

Sunroof. I don't know why, since I don't really use it... but i like having it.

steering wheel mounted audio controls.

optional, but nice... usb port. for playing audiobook mp3s.

sunvisor that actually blocks the sun (i.e. extends to cover the back part of the driver's window.

Leather interior. I've just sat in several cars with leather interiors, and very nearly burned my elbows on the boiling hot leather. I know that leather is a nearly universal "premium" material...but I really don't care, and I hate the heat. In a "nice, plush" cloth interior in the same heat... I never get burned.

According to this website 08, 09, and 10 accords had some oil consumption issues.
I work on my own cars, and I don't want to monkey with engine issues.

In a similar train of thought, 07, 08, and 09 sonatas look to be good choices as well... but from what I can tell don't have the sliding armrest I am looking for. Maybe something exists in aftermarket?

Anyway, I thinks that's all I'm looking for.
I'm trying not to dump my whole savings on this... so my realistic price range is 10-13 grand or so.

Many thanks for any help. It's been a massive research project to get this far.
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