Sun visor replacement on 2006 Miata convertible.

casurkdadcasurkdad Member Posts: 1
edited July 2017 in Mazda
I did not see any help for replacement of a sun visor for a 2006 Miata convertible, so I thought I would add my experience.
1. Remove 2 bolts each holding bracket at far left and right of visor panel
2. Remove one bolt each under each visor holding visor panel to frame
3. carefully pry visor panel form car frame exposing underside of visor panel. side pillar molding may need to be pulled out slightly to allow panel removal
4. unclip electrical connection to dome light and remove entire panel assembly
5. remove one screw holding visor mounting rod
6. slide mounting rod out and remove visor.
7. reverse step to install.
8. I have pictures if anyone is interested.


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