The 2002 Deville and the Catalytic Converter

terrasmomterrasmom Member Posts: 1
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Please help! My cars "service engine soon" light came on. I drove it to a local car place, they say the catalytic converter is malfunctioning. I have a traction light that has come on and disappeared twice since the other light came on also. I am driving it but fear for my safety, however I know nothing of cars.

My questions are: (1) Is it unsafe to drive this car until I can afford the new catalytic converter plus labor going in? (2) Am I harming the car by driving it until I can get this repair done? (3) Is the dealership worth using, or can I go to a local place and get it done faster and cheaper?

Mostly I do not want to harm my car and I hate that light on, but it will be 3 weeks or so before I can pay for a new catalytic converter. Please help if possible and thanks!
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