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imageRedesigned 2017 Jeep Crossover SUV To Replace Current Jeep Compass, Patriot |

Jeep will introduce a new 2017 Jeep crossover SUV next year that will replace the current-generation Compass and Patriot.

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  • jakek66jakek66 Member Posts: 60
    They really need a replacement? I thought the Cherokee competed against the Tucson/Etc? Seems like they are doing a BMW and slicing up the niches.
  • kokomojoekokomojoe Member Posts: 150
    They need to focus on building a better product
  • socal_ericsocal_eric Member Posts: 189
    The last of the old Mitsubishi-sourced platforms to go and I'm curious how the next generation model will be marketed. The current Compass and Patriot development dollars have long since been recouped so the profit margin is pretty high and they likely have been able to serve the fleet customers while the new Cherokee has done well in retail sales. But if you have something bigger than the Renegade with a lot of improvements that sounds awfully similar to the Cherokee. Another head scratcher from FCA. Maybe make it the compact three-row model with not quite as much off-road ability as the Cherokee?
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