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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Glad you enjoyed your Amanti drive!
    While I agree with most of your comments, I love and use my steering wheel mute button everyday for one reason or another. I would truly hate to see it go. Perhaps Kia could add another button for changing stations, CD's, etc.
    I believe most modern high end cars today have an abundant amount of radio and A/C controls in their center stack that are distracting if you're not familiar with them.
    But thanks again for the favorable comments! When are you buying yours?
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    "While I agree with most of your comments, I love and use my steering wheel mute button everyday for one reason or another. I would truly hate to see it go. Perhaps Kia could add another button for changing stations, CD's, etc. " - Topgear

    I think that by using the volume control buttons on the steering wheel one can accomplish muting, which would allow the mute button to be used instead to change the channel or CD track. I use the wheel mounted volume controls on my older Acura to accomplish that.

    Speaking of the steering wheel, I am reminded of one other fault. That is the horn. It's difficult to make it sound when, in a panic situation, you need the horn NOW. It won't sound unless you hit the exact spot dead on. Several times that happened to me. You pretty much have to use a finger to make it sound; hitting the wheel with the bottom palm of your hand gets no results. I would prefer to see a raised horn button that is prominent enough to see and feel without having to look for it. Alternatively, Kia should enlarge the "sweet spot" so that a strike anywhere near the horn symbol will sound the horn.

    That's my two cents anyway ...
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    I don't disagree with you about the button for the radio/CD, but I stand by my comment about the mute button,...I'd hate to see it go. The volume controls actually take awhile for it to mute entirely, and then you'd have to push on it again to get it back where you were so to speak. I suppose I could do the same thing on my TV, but I prefer the mute button. Kia will probably not honor any of our thoughts here anyway, so instead of taking away my beloved mute switch, let's add the one you'd like so everybody's happy. :)
    Also, for ME, after driving many cars in the past, the Amanti has the best horn response of any airbag equipped steering wheel I've ever driven, (-and I've used it once or twice in anger!). When I tap the the little horn impressions on the wheel, my horn sounds off quite easily. Maybe I'm just used to my car.
    I hope I'm not ruffling any feathers, as that is not my intent.

    What I would like to see is an indicator showing the radio/CD volume which seems to be missing.

  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Walked out to the dark garage to toss newspapers in recycle bin. Glanced over at the Amanti. Walked to the passenger door, touched the chrome handle. Something made me open it. Sat in passenger seat, shut the door, noticing how solid it felt when I closed it. The seat was so comfortable; was so quiet and peaceful sitting there, and I watched interior the lights continue to dim. About that time the garage light came on, a family member glanced at me sitting there, yelled "you need a life," turned off the light and walked away.

    I guess I do. :blush:
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,915
    your post above is great. I, too, enjoy my Kia, mine being a Sportage 4x4. I totally understand the fascination. They are solid rigs, and I love their styling.

    We have a life...we're car enthusiasts, is all. Actually, it's a disease shared by what's got to be millions in this nation. Take a long look at NASCAR and there you have a disease of yet another flavor, eh?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • fr8godfr8god Posts: 3
    Has anybody added wheels? I am looking to add possibly 18 inch, has anyone done this? Do they look good or should I down size a little. It is hard to make a decision without trying them on for size and the shops do not like the thought. I live in Northwest Indiana. Any suggestions of where I might go to do this.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Try going to They have a virtual copy of most cars and allow you to see what the wheels look like on the car. Since it isn't 3dimensional, you won't be able to tell much difference between 17" and 18" wheels, but it does show how much of the wheel well it fills and which style looks better.
  • digitodddigitodd Posts: 5
    Quick question what type of mpg are you getting. With gas going up and up I'm only seeing a avg of 19. Car still has under a 1000miles is this going to get better or thats pretty much it.
    By the way Luv the forums keep up the good work and post :)
  • kribe123kribe123 Posts: 13
    Hi, fr8god

    My friend I am looking for the same thing like you
    to become my amati more "cool" :) :) ..If you get something Please let me know...

  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Digitodd: I have 2700 on my Amanti and it says 19.1. I think that's the best we will do. I heard if you use premium you will do better, but I'm not sure. at 2.23 a gallon I'm using regular grade and I'm satisified with its performance. :)
  • tmeyers2tmeyers2 Posts: 3
    I have 8500 miles on mine.... I show 23-24mpg on every tank of regular gas.... average speed is 55-60mph
  • I'm 49 and we bought an Amanti in October of last year. Love this car!! One thing that I found out is that if you use 91 or higher octane and synthetic oil in this car, the gas mileage will increase by a couple of miles per gallon. The car rides and looks like a 50K dollar car!!
  • kmqkmq Posts: 19
    Does anyone have the TSB number for the upper strut mount bushings and collar replacement? My dealer is saying there is no TSB regarding the strut mount bushings for the Amanti.
    The Kia web site now wants to charge for access to sevice information, it was free when I first got my Amanti in January of '04.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Try filling out the form at this link Maintenance Schedules, Recalls, and Technical Service Bulletins and then you can hop over to our Technical Service Bulletins discussion for further clarification.

    Let us know what you find out.
  • kmqkmq Posts: 19
    Thanks Pat,
    Five TSB's are indicated, none of which deal with the shock strut bushing problem.
    A search of the Technical Service Bulletin discussion forum didn't hit on the word Amanti.
  • tommy555tommy555 Posts: 13
    My KIA dealer is aware of it and has ordered the parts to fix the problem. He will call me to set up an appointment soon. The dealership is owned by two brother, one of whom has an Amanti, and had this front end problem fixed (car now drives like a dream).

    Tom from New Jersey

    P.S. -with approximately 3,500 miles on my Amanti I get 17.9 mpg.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Hey, I went to my dealer and they did some adjustment of the struts or with a tool and said if they didn't fix the thumping they would replace it. I thought it solved the problem, but tonight driving from movies on cobblestone road it was noticable. Guess I'll call Mon. to set up appointment. The car is too nice to have that knocking noise.
  • vervekaverveka Posts: 9
    I only wish I was getting the mileage you guys are getting. I'm not complaining because it is my own fault. I like the feeling of being pushed back into my seat so I tend to push it rather hard and I enjoy the seamless power delivery. I reset the computer every time I refuel and I have been getting 15.1 mpg. I haven't done the math, but maybe the computer is not quite right in its' calculations. My driving is probably 70%/30% city/highway and that coupled with my heavy foot sort of explains it. No one ever said that driving a heavy, luxurious car was going to be cheap to fuel.

    I haven't had the car in for warranty work yet and would like to get the front strut/bushing problem fixed (the only thing that is not perfect with the car) and haven't chosen a dealer for service yet. Has anyone had experience with Cherner or Farrish in Northern Virginia?

    re: #692 - well, I find myself sitting in the car, washing it twice a week, and moving it if my kids are near it and I ignore the snickering. My kids are also tired of hearing me say "don't slam the door." I guess we are all in agreement that it's a great car!
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    I just left my dealership about the noise, which is not very loud and only occurs occasionally. Tech drove around with me and we couldn't duplicate it. I told him there is a TSB, so he checked and sure enough he said there is one. They are replacing the bushing with one a little bigger or something like that. So he has to order and then I'll head back there. Oh, well. But still love my Amanti! Sorry I keep saying that. Bill :P
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Bill, hang in there! If it's the noise that many of us had and commented on, you will be amazed at the difference when it's finally done. Someone mentioned after his "fix", that the front end actually felt tighter somehow and I agree! Good luck and keep us posted.
    Make sure (if you can) that they replace a total of 4 parts, -2 on each side. Also my dealer's service tech checked and tightened the bolts by the upper shock strut.

    Don't feel bad about saying you love your Amanti, I love mine, too :blush: !
  • Well, I took my Amanti to the dealer yesterday. They told me that the "new" bushings to fix the front end knock were for the right side only, since there is no problem on the left side. I was very insistent that I have the same problem on both sides, so they put the "new" bushings on the right side and replaced the bushings on the left as well.
    I'm sorry, but this "fix" has left me a little disappointed. The knocking noise isn't as bad as it was on the right, and the same as it was on the left. Of everyone on this board who has complained of this problem and gone in for the "fix", am I the ONLY one still complaining?
    (By the way, has anyone else noticed when you check spelling before posting, as I did, it said "no mispellings were found." Very interesting: mispellings was "misspelled." Oh my I really just a perfectionist?! Not really, but maybe I just am a little more sensitive when something "ain't" right.
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    hmmmm... :confuse:
    My car has improved since the bushing/sleeve change, and both sides were replaced. Did you witness the bushing/sleeve change on the left (driver's) side?
    If I understand you correctly, the right side has improved, but there was no improvement on the driver's side? I'm just connecting the dots so to speak...

    I'm sorry to hear of your situation and I hope you can find a solution! Maybe you need a regional tech to inspect your car. Keep us posted.

    Funny, you noticed the misspelling! Isn't that ironic?
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Pete, what's the name of your dealer in Sarasota? I called my dealer to make sure they are ordering and replacing left and right, and said in my voice message that I have a friend in Sarasota (grin) with same Amanti and his dealer replaced both. So they might ask me which dealer, and I'm not sure there's only one there or nothing. There's 4 here.
    Thanks, Bill
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Yup, Pete, they just called back within 2 mins. They are replacing both sides. So, I'm a Happy Amanti owner again. :)
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111

    Wow! Great news! I hope that rectifies your Amanti. It's really such a simple cure, I'm surprised at some of the dealers attitude about this.

    Keep us posted!

  • I bought my 2004 amanti 02/07 I returned to the dealership 02/25 with the knock.. the squeal and unsteady ride over uneven pavement. The service reps were aware of the problem back in February. I was told that the problem was the bushing and collar apparently KIA informed the dealership before February as my car was never examined...the servicemen diagnosed the problem from my complaint. 3/15 my car was "fixed" is almost the end of April now and the noise has returned. Amanti is at the dealership right now. Service tech states he couldn't duplicate the noise this time. It is occasional...It is bothersome and I wonder if it is SAFE. Whatever the case it is too much trouble for a car over 20 thousand dollars no matter how pretty it looks.
  • In my post #710, I mentioned that the right side wasn't as bad as it used to be. I was wrong. It's every bit as bad as it was before the "fix." Like you, I have also wondered if this is a safety issue. I'm planning on calling the manager of the service department at my dealer and taking him for a ride. Yep, it's still a clunker!
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Yup, take it to the top. You definitely have something different than I or the rest of us have here. Mine was hardly noticable, except on cobblestone roads, and they are replacing both bushings. Yours sounds more serious. Keep us informed.
  • I picked Amanti up yesterday...I think the dealership drove my car a total of ten miles and said they couldnt duplicate the noise...hmmm OK :sick: I am very concerned that it is a safety issue. My knock isnt as loud as it was before the Fix but depending on how uneven the pavement is it feels like there is less control on the right side. Finding other people who are going thru this has confirmed that I am not just a picky person who is hearing things. Imagine how i felt two weeks after buying this new friends and i were on a shopping trip and everytime i turned a corner we heard a loud squeak followed by a loud knock. We were afraid we were going to break down. There has to be a govt agency that investigates these things.
  • photocatphotocat Posts: 1
    Hi all! I test drove this car and it seems fabulous... but the car and the company are (apparently) so new that feedback and a proven track record are hard to come by. I'm so glad I found this sight; maybe you all would be willing to help.
    About the used one I'm looking at: it's a 2004 currently owned by an employee of Kia here in southern California. He says that it was one of the first 300 or so ever made which is a little scary because I would assume that there could be some bugs that hadn't been worked out by that time. Only the 5 year 60K mi bumper-to-bumper warranty will transfer over to me.

    I have SO many questions...

    First, tell me more about the gas mileage please. The current owner of the one I test drove was only getting about 17 mpg, does that go for most of you?
    Does the car require premium gas?
    Does the 5y/60k warranty cover a rental car when it's in the shop? I hear that parts are hard to come by for Kias (have you found this to be true?) and I don't want to be stuck without a car for weeks at a time while the shop is waiting for something to come in from Korea. Does the warranty really cover EVERYthing (the heated seats, air conditioning, sunroof, speakers...)
    The NHTSB has apparently not fully safety tested this car yet (I could only find a roll-over rating of 4 stars); has anyone had an accident in their's yet?
    What is this "bushing" problem you are all talking about (is this a recall issue?) and are there any other known problems with the 2004?
    Has the car been costly to insure?
    And finally what's it like dealing with the company on a whole; are the dealership service departments knowledgeable, accommodating, and prompt? Are the other company reps willing to hear and handle issues quickly?

    This and ANY other info you have for me would be greatly appreciated! I really love this car but am terrified of getting myself into something I'd regret.

    Thank you, Thank You!
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