2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport, Ignition Switch Issue (I Think)

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Vehicle starts with no problem. However, while running the radio, windows, heater and wipers do not work. The previous all function while ignition switch is in the auxiliary position. Is there an easy way to verify that this is the ignition switch, or could it be something else. Please advise.


  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello, there is a way to test your theory, but you will need access to the factory service manual for that vehicle. I am curious though, do your daytime running lights still work with key set to the run position? If so, it is doubtful that the switch is the problem. If they don't work, you can proceed in this manner. Newer vehicles have many computer controlled devices, and AIR BAGS which are very DANGEROUS. If the vehicle is still under an extended warranty, check to see if this issue is covered. If not; carefully follow the FSM instructions for temporarily disconnecting the air bag system, then disconnect the NEG battery terminal, with the help of the FSM dismantle the ignition switch assembly and pull the switch out while still connected. The FSM ignition wiring diagram will show you which leads on the switch are connected when the key is moved from ACC to ON, simply jumper them taking care not to short them to any other wire or to ground, reconnect your battery; if the aforementioned items now work in the on position, you have confirmed that indeed the switch is bad. If this is the case, again, disconnect that battery, replace the switch and reassemble. At this point read the instructions for safely re-enabling your air bag system and follow them exactly. After reconnecting the battery again, check the manual for the system re-learn procedure, it will probably be under installing new battery. Good luck!
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