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What cars fit this: $20k or less, 250+ hp, AWD, not super expensive to repair?

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I currently drive a 2002 Audi A4 with 150k miles. It's getting to the point where it won't be worth having to pay $2,000 every so often to have things fixed.

I'm looking for something with similar points like AWD (winter on east coast), leather seats, etc. I'd prefer something a little faster this time, though. The other big factor is cost of maintenance. I don't want Audi maintenance prices.

So far, here is what I have found:

Ford Fusion SEL v6
Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited AWD
Infiniti g37x
Cadillac CTS 3.6 Sedan

Question 1: I would really love to get the Infiniti g37x, but the only thing that is stopping me is the maintenance / repair costs. Are they going to be much higher than something like a Legacy, TL, or new Fusion?

Question 2: Can you think of any other cars that I haven't?
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