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F250 SD CC... which transmission ?

hudson5hudson5 Member Posts: 28
edited March 2014 in Ford
I am looking to order a SD CC pretty soon. Haven't
decided on the engine(can't afford the PSD). I
won't be doing much towing & probably not real
heavy. I do plan on keeping the truck for 200k
miles though. Question... is the manual
transmission a good fit for the gas engines? How
long will the clutch last ? Any ideas on how long
the auto(r100) will last?? Oh, it will be a 4x2
short bed



  • zbad71zbad71 Member Posts: 226
    You keep asking the same questions that you can have answered yourself by just reading some of the other topics. You are contributing to topic scope creep.
  • hudson5hudson5 Member Posts: 28
    guess you gotta take the bad with the good.
  • jraskejraske Member Posts: 131
    I just orderd a 2000 F350 crew cab dully diesel
    4x4,i went with the auto,every one i talked to recomended it over the manual.hope this helps
    P.S zbad71 i feel sorry for anyone thats got nothing better to do than bad mouth people trying
    to get in formation on a vehicle before they spend thier hard earned money.
  • zbad71zbad71 Member Posts: 226
    Yeah, you're probably right. Hanging around here with all the common folk is lacking any challenge. You all can't even come up with any good slams. I guess that's what I should expect from the average IQ crowds. I will go back to the GM crowds where people have some brains and wit about them. You all are boring.
  • lvstanglvstang Member Posts: 149
    Congrats. But why is everyone recommending the auto? I personally am ordering the 5 speed for the fun and performance factor. Also saves a thousand dollars which seems to be a little bit of a concern with hudson.
    Take it easy.
  • hudson5hudson5 Member Posts: 28
    I would prefer the manual, more for longevity. I'd rather replace a clutch than a tranny. I've heard that the SD clutches are hydrolic and a tad bit more to replace. Anyone else have any info on this?? Don't know if it's true, but is what I heard.

  • lvstanglvstang Member Posts: 149
    I agree on the longevity issue. If indeed the clutch is hydraulic than that only would pertain to the activation of the clutch and not with the cost of replacing the clutch and pressure plate. Of course the master cylinder and related parts of the clutch pedal is another system all together as far as longevity.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    My question is: do you really need a F-250 SD? If not, you might want to wait 'till next year when the four-door F-150 comes out! Pop a 5.4 in that baby! Oh yeah.....back to your question....
    The manual would do better over the long haul but the auto tranny is a good one. If you maintain fluid changes and simply keep an eye on it, she will last 200k. Get the 5.4 and save money. It doesn't sound like you really need the V-10. We have two of them and they're fine.
  • zbad71zbad71 Member Posts: 226
    "If you maintain fluid changes and simply keep an eye on it, she will last 200k."


    Have you put 200k miles on one yet? I am asking seriously, not being a smartass. I would venture that the light duty Ford transmissions would have to have awfully light duty and be watched VERY carefully to last 200k miles without a lot of problems. Ask the owners on There are over 5,000 listed posters on that site. Tons of postings for transmission problems on the F150, Expedition, and Explorer.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    I have a 1990 F-150 with the straight six and she has 196,000 miles on her. It was always a shingle/light repair job truck and it has been brutalized by ugly roofers. (ugly is a complement)
    I have three other Fords over 100k and none of the four have had any work done to the tranny. Brakes? joints? bearings? mounts? Oh yeah! But no tranny problems. (Knock on wood)

    PS: Also have had good luck on the one Chevy from 88. 157,000 miles and no sign of slippage. All the other trucks are newer nowadays....
  • hudson5hudson5 Member Posts: 28
    I think you are right about Not...actualy needing the SD. But after driving one, boy did I feel safe. It probably is more truck than I need. My 92 supercab has 190k on it(4.9 six banger). Had to replace(have rebuilt) the tranny at 178k.
    I am also thinking on the 2001 F150 supercrew. It probably will fill my needs(most of the time). The 5.5' bed is a little small, but I don't fill it up very often.
    I'm not real keen on buying the first year model of a vehicle though.
    Guess I'm still on the fence. My wife wishes I'd decide on SOMETHING.
    Thanx for the input.
  • zbad71zbad71 Member Posts: 226
    The 2001 F150 crew will not be a model change persay....only the cab will change. Will still have the same guts. Rocles, am I wrong about that?
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    ZBAD- Yes you're correct. Same frame and design. Only the enlargement of cab is different. I wouldn't consider it quite a "new" model as say the 97 was.
  • oilwell1415oilwell1415 Member Posts: 5
    If you're worried about longevity I would recommend the manual. The automatic's chances of lasting 200k miles are slim. I've never seen one last more than 100k miles, but I haven't got much experience with the new OD's. I also have a 1990 F-150 with a 5 speed. I tow quite a bit and fill the bed often. It is still on the original clutch and has 184k miles on it. Now that I think about it I have never changed a Ford clutch because it was worn out. Maybe a few because I beat on them too hard, but never when they were taken care of.

    I would also like to site the fun factor of the 5 speed.

    My advice is to go to a dealer and drive both vehicles for about half an hour on city streets, then make your decision. If the manual is going to be a poor match for you and the gas engine it will be obvious by then. If the dealer isn't willing to let you do this they don't want your business very bad. You might offer to put gas in them though. They shouldn't have to pay your way.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Towing sucks with a manual. Stick-driving also gets old after awile for me. Fun on my motorcycles but not trucks. Just an opinion.
  • rrichfrrichf Member Posts: 211
    For me, I prefer the manual over the automatic. HOWEVER a lot of my driving is in the Los Angeles mix of stop and stop freeway nightmare. So I have an automatic in my SD. As for the reliability of the Ford automatics, the EOD4 was good for 100K but I drove it through about 30" of water for a mile or so. It seems that about 6 months later the truck was in for the 100K service and the dealer found metal shavings in the pan. Ford changed the transmission for $50 instead of the $75 for the fluid, filter, etc. service. That was probably my fault. I have 20K+ on the '99 SD and not noticed a single problem with anything. I have things to [non-permissible content removed] about but no complaints.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    Its a personal preference issue 100%. I also struggled with the same question when buying my F250 SD SC 4x2 5.4L. I went with the manual cause thats all I've ever driven, and I've put over 175k miles on each vehicle without any type of trans or clutch failure.. As you are also currently used to driving a stick, I think you'd be fine with the 5sp..
    I also had the same questions on f150 vs F250.. All I really probably need is an F150.. But, I liked the larger interior, bolder exterior, and heavy duty everything else on the F250 better..
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Where's posts 18 and 19? Was someone being naughty??
  • dberrydberry Member Posts: 22
    In 2000 Ford Discontinued the Light Duty F250. With some checking I discovered that the nameplate was retired. The heavier frame and brakes and other goodies are still there but as an alternate payload package for the F150.
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