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Scraping Noise

ewalton1970ewalton1970 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Honda
My Honda CRV makes this scraping sound (like metal scraping the pavement). It does this mainly when I turn the car on. Sometimes getting louder when i idle. Once i hit a decent speed it stops. Sometimes it comes back on sharp turns and when i slow down to stop. It starting doing this after months of water temp rising when idle; esp when AC is on. Soon after that problem, it sounds like it wants to shut off when I'm idling ([non-permissible content removed] being at stop lights), i turn the AC off because that makes it worse. Sunk $500 into the later issues and wasn't pleased with service or what they said the problem was. Very vague about the real issue (couldn't duplicate), so they just replaced some other crap and the battery. It's been a roller coaster.
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