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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    What I really want to know about the new Highlander is the gas mileage. My 04 is only making 21.5 on the highway
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    Here is the link to Toyota's website with some information and pictures of the new Highlander concept! I know that some of you have been waiting for more information on this. :) Here it is:
  • richey02hgrichey02hg Posts: 69
    no offense, but I highly doubt that is the highlander concept, it doesn't look anything like it. Not to mention why would they call it the ftsx and not the 2008 highlander or something close to it? that thing looks more like a sedan wagon than a SUV.
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    Actually, when you click on New Cars, then Toyota, you'll see that the future Highlander looks like that too on the edmunds site. The name FTSX can be for another country, or other purposes not relating to the U.S. Highlander.
  • richey02hgrichey02hg Posts: 69
    ya i noticed that too, the wierd thing is that the edmunds one says its due out in fall 2006, you would think we would of heard something by now

    but still, i dont think it has to look somewhat different from the picture, that thing does not look like an SUV at all
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    That's actually the new look and style now.

    The lower body and clearance improvesn gas mileage. Better gas mileage = more profit $$.

    That WILL be the new Highlander.
  • sma3sma3 Posts: 28
    If that is the new Highlander then the Highlander will be a Lowlander :)

    The MD-X (dash was intentional since the MD-X concept was what was shown so far) at least seems to have an SUV's higher ride height. In my opinion this FT-SX is too low.

    Anyway, I wonder if the FT-SX Toyota concept in question is based off the same platform as the Lexus LF-X concept:
    (which I believe is the same as the Lexus HPX concept on some sites: )

    I wish (and hope) to see Toyota/Lexus/Acura match the style of vehcle that GM is coming out with in the 2007 Saturn Outlook/GMC Acadia/Buick Enclave. I am not a GM fan but I believe a full-size unibody SUV with plenty of room and 3 rows with improved gas milage will be a win.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Things have been awfully quiet from Toyota for a new model HL launch this fall. They are either very good at keeping secrets, or the new model won't come out until sometime next year. With the new RAV4, they are obviously poised to redo the HL. They are also facing some stiff competition from the new 2007 Santa Fe, just now starting to show up in dealerships. My money is on a carryover for this fall with an early rollout of the New 2008 HL in the spring or summer next year. All this prognosticating won't make a bit of difference, but the anticipation sure is fun though :)
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    I respect the fact that everyone has an opinion. I'm just not sure what this one is trying to accomplish.
  • dysdys Posts: 11
    According to Aug.2006 Motortrend, the FT-SX is for a NEW cross-over IN ADDITION to the Highlander due out 2008 or 2009.
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    I was at the Motortrend website and found the follow under the heading of future vehicles:

    2008 Toyota Highlander: Redesigned on the Avalon platform, growing larger in size to make room for the RAV4.

    I'm curious DYS if you can direct me to the area where it states that the redesign will be based on the FT-SX? I'd love to read up about it because we have two Highlanders (2001 & 2002) and would love to trade up to the new redesign model.

    Thanks for you help.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    It's clear everywhere you look, the 2007 Highlander WILL change, full makeover. See link prev. posted and there are other references .. ie right here on Edmunds in the future vehicles section re: 2007 Highlander (have to look a little for it). It will not be your Dads Highlander (its about time!.. tired old design).
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    The references are everywhere re: a total makeover for the Highlander. Why the denial here??????? :confuse:
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    I am not denying it. I never did.
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    Yo Mevande, I NEVER said anything about the Highlander not being redesigned. I ask dys for reference to the claim the Highlander will be Toyota's "FT-SX", somehow you think that because I ask questions about the redesign this is some form of "denial". Man you're reading way to much into my request for more information.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    As shared, the facts point to a re-design of the Highlander is overdue and the facts also point to the fall of this year. Toyota is trying to hold any data for it would stall (might) sales of existing Highlanders. The links shared on this site (overall sites here on Edmunds from people in the forum to Edmunds 'future' vehicles point to a new design that will be 'lower' (makes sense, styling and fuel economy). It will be fun to see what happens!
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Hello, I just spoke w/ an old friend who turns out to be a Toyota zone manager (have not talked for years.. he moved ect). He shared Toyota is not done w/ the redesign and will bring it (complete new SUV, still named Highlander) out in the spring/early summer of 2007 as a 2008 model. Just and FYI.
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    Thanks Mevande,

    I'm looking forward to the resign. I've owned several Toyotas and currently own a 2001 & 2002 Highlander (both are great vehicles) and the timing of the new Highlanders will work well with swapping out both H/L's for a couple of new ones.
  • dysdys Posts: 11
    I saw it in the printed version of Motortrend. Sorry have not found it online yet.
  • goldstongoldston Posts: 110
    Hey Dys,

    Thanks for looking, I've been looking too and hoping to find something. I'm looking forward to the redesign.
  • minyizminyiz Posts: 2

    i am looking for a Highlander 4Cyc, but deals are not showing no upcoming inventory for the 2006 model. what does that mean? 2007 will be coming out soon? Any news on the 2007 Highlander???

    Thanks in advance.
  • landdriverlanddriver Posts: 607
    No news on the 2007, except it's not expected to be a redesign; redesign is expected for the '08 model year, possibly to be released early, in mid '07.

    Typically new model year HLs show up on dealer lots in September (or very late August at the earliest), so given we're in July it's not surprising Toyota isn't apparently shipping any more '06s.

    Does your dealer not have the ability to search inventory of other dealers for 4 cyls?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    I am hoping that Toyota will fit the 3.5 V6 and Gen 5 Nav into Highlander. It will be a great bargin if they do it given all the discount available now. However, if they are going to redesign it in 08 with early spring release date. We may be stuck with the same SUV with no change unitl then. Would love to hear more about the 07...
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It's marketing.

    The new Highlander is the step sister to the Lexus Rx just as the ES takes 2nd place to the Camry. The Rx is Lexus' primary vehicle so it is always first to market ( right now ).

    The Rx300 was on the market for 2 yrs before the Highlander.
    The Rx400h was out before the Hybrid Highlander.
    The Rx350 is out now and the new Highlander ( with the 3.5L ) will not be out until the 2008 MY.

    I am nearly certain that there will be no 4c Highlander in the future... but the new Hybrid Highlander might be the 'base' model ( the least expensive ). The new RAV covers the spot held previously by the base model 4c Highlander, which was a dog so to speak.

    The timing of the launch of the new Highlander is problematic in that it is due at the same time as the new Tundra and Sequoia. For that reason I see it possibly as being launched about this time next year.
  • aygayg Posts: 1
    Hello, does anyone know if the new Highlander (FT-SX) will be offered with third row seats? The concept doesn't show it? If it isn't I'm be waiting for the wrong vehicle. Thanks.
  • ss01&rssfeed=rss01

    Highlander: The redesigned 2008 Highlander will move to the new Avalon platform, which means it will move up in size closer to the Honda Pilot and Ford Explorer.

    FT-SX: This large crossover, arriving in summer 2008, is intended to be more stylish than the Chrysler Pacifica. Toyota thinks this is the segment where boomer SUV buyers are headed. And since their kids are grown up, the vehicle will be offered only with five-passenger seating.

    The 2009 FT-SX will be slightly taller than a Volvo XC70 and an Audi Allroad. It likely will be assembled at the Princeton, Ind., plant alongside the Sienna. The FT-SX will have the Avalon's 3.5-liter V-6 and a six-speed automatic transmission.
  • ralph9ralph9 Posts: 88
    Where do you all think this concept car will fall in regard to cost? Is it expected to be the top of the line sedan for Toyota, exceeding the cost of the Avalon? Based on the sketchy autoweek info it appears that it may be out of reach of my pay grade/pension. Ralph
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I thought it was the code name for the new Highlander ( same time frame ). I too was intrigued by the article because it seems to imply that the FT-SX will be a different crossover vehicle. How many of these can there be?
  • ralph9ralph9 Posts: 88
    "Upon further review" as stated by NFL refs, the concept car is listed as a "crossover" vehicle which is not a wagon, minivan or suv. The Autoweek writer believes that it's designed to replace the Camry wagon which went bye-bye many years ago. here on the Edmunds site they list the vehicle as a 2008 Highlander, yet I've seen forecasts for the 2008 Highlander which are similar to the current one with the 2007 model year being skipped over. Toyota might consider calling the new vehicle the "Platypus" since it seems to be a confused concept. I live in Colorodo and I was disappointed when Toyota stopped making the AWD Camry. It was the perfect vehicle for us and I never went the Subaru route. The concept car looks like the Chrysler Pacifica.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    According to MOtortrend, this crossover created to replace ill selling solara as a personal crossover. (:confuse:)
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