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2004 Toyota Solara

libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
edited March 2014 in Toyota
The styling looks promising. Toyota may finally have a Sebring beater.


  • sazaman1sazaman1 Posts: 22
    Any news if solara will have a convertible for 2004?
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    (convertible). The current one will most likely be sold alongside the new coupe for 2004.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    but I highly doubt the convertible will continue once the new model has been introduced. From what I understand, Solara production has moved from Canada to exclusively TMMK, and I doubt they would retool the plant for two generations of platform. I'd say the convertible will take a one year hiatus.

  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    March of 2004.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
  • Where are you getting the information on the 2004 convertable? I have contacted Toyota directly and they do not even know for sure about the convertable model.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    No, it will be a 2004. And Sbell has the straight skinny on this car. If you call Toyota, you are probably calling their customer service number which is staffed to handle routine calls, they don't have any insider info as we do.
                               : )
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Awesome, I think. So wait, let me reiterate so I understand correclty- the new generation Solara convertible will be available as a 2004 MY and we will not have to wait for an 05? That would really rule.

  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    I saw the new Solara convertible and it looks very similar to the Lexus. I am going from memory from about 6-8 months ago so don't quote me on the exact specs (but it does look like the Lexus).
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Hey Sbell4, I'm very interested in getting an 04 Solara Convertible but haven't heard much info about it other than something might be released next year. How do you know its coming out in March 04? How firm is that date? And how have you already seen it, where at? Any and all info is truly appreciated!
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    When do the '04 Solara's hit the showrooms?
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    It is scheduled for March of 2004. Allocations for 2004 Solara is going on now. First day of production just happens to be today!
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    So I WAS right.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    I thought the '04 Solara was coming out in August, no? Now we hear March '04, although it went into production today (July 7)? It takes 9 months to build and ship? Doesn't compute. What gives?
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Solara convertible in March.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    base MSRP range from 19120-22945 for the coupe. Nav is available for 2004 Solara,
  • So the coupe will be available in August, but the convertible will not be available until March? Is that correct? What is this that sbell was saying about allocations now? Another question: will the stereo be satelite radio ready?
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Was there any Pricing anounced for the 04 Covertible by chance? Should it be close to the 03 model?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Will the Solara pricing discussed be available on under News soon, does anyone think?
    Or can someone provide a link to the pricing release?

  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc., and Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC are pleased to provide you with pricing for the 2004 Camry Solara which goes on sale in mid-August. Pricing for Solara will be announced to the public on July 8th, 2003.

    Sportier, more powerful, more refined and larger, inside and out, than its predecessor, the second generation Solara is the most American of any Toyota with product planning, technical and styling development managed in the U.S. and production exclusively in Georgetown, Kentucky.

    The 2004 Solara will offer a choice of a 3.3-liter V6 or a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. The new 3.3-liter V6 generates 225 horsepower and 240 lb.-ft. of torque, significant improvements from the current 3.0-liter engine. V6 models will also have an all-new five-speed automatic sequential transmission.

    Solara will be available in SE, SE Sport and SLE grades, each with a unique interior treatment and feature content. The SE grade features metallic silver-style trim and includes the following standard equipment:

    · Air conditioning with air filtration
    · 16” alloy wheels with P215/60R16 tires
    · Tilt / telescopic steering wheel
    · Steering wheel mounted audio and multi-information display controls
    · Driver and passenger front seat-mounted side airbags
    · ABS
    · DRL
    · Deluxe AM/FM/CD with 6 speakers
    · Color-keyed outside door handles and outside mirrors
    · Fog lamps
    · Power windows with driver-side auto up/down, door locks and mirrors
    · 60/40 Split folding rear seat
    · Tire Pressure Warning
    · Cruise control
    · Keyless entry

    The 2004 SE four-cylinder starts at $19,120 with a manual transmission, $245 less than the 2003 MSRP. With an automatic transmission, the SE four-cylinder MSRP is $19,950, or $215 below the 2003 model. The 2004 SE V6 has been positioned $1,035 below last year’s model with a starting MSRP of $21,450.

    New for 2004, the SE Sport model will appeal to the younger buyer looking for a sportier Solara with a more aggressive appearance and feel. SE Sport is differentiated from SE models by the following equipment (in addition to or replacing SE equipment):

    · Body kit and rear spoiler
    · 17” alloy wheels with P215/55R17 performance or all-season tires
    · Sport-tuned suspension
    · Leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob and parking brake handle
    · Black graphite-style interior trim
    · Dark charcoal color interior
    · Aluminum sport pedal covers
    · Sport instrument panel with unique sport gauges

    Four-cylinder SE Sport models start at $20,615 with the manual transmission and $21,445 with the automatic. The new 3.3-liter V6 SE Sport starts at $22,945.

    The luxurious SLE grade is available with either a V6 or a four-cylinder engine and includes the following standard features (in addition to or in place of SE grade):

    · Moonroof
    · 17” alloy wheels with P215/55R17 tires (V6 models)
    · JBL 3-in-1 with 6-CD in-dash changer, XM Satellite Radio capability, 270 watts maximum output and 8 speakers in 6 locations
    · Perforated leather-trimmed heated seats with 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat (V6 models)
    · Power driver seat (L4 models)
    · Heated outside mirrors
    · Auto-dimming rear view mirror with compass
    · Driver’s side outside electrochromic mirror
    · Auto climate control with air filtration
    · Homelink
    · Anti-theft system

    Despite significant increases in standard equipment, the SLE V6 starts at $25,995, or only $1,320 above last year’s model. The newly available SLE four-cylinder model has a base MSRP of $22,995.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Thanks sbell, as usual, you are very helpful.

    Impressive list of std. equip for the price-even more so than the Camry 4 door. Any word on equip upgrades for the 4 door for 2004? Can you confirm the 3.3L V6 going into the Camry SE model. Sorry to pick your brain!

  • Thank you for the wonderful information sbell. Now I just have to decide if I can wait it out until March to get the new convertible.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    woodgrain trim on steering wheel, doors, or dashboard? Thanks for the info.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Get the Chrysler Sebring. It is the BEST convertible!!! It is luxurious in Limited and LXi. It is beautiful and is available NOW. Plus it has LOTS of room.
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    Great info. Interesting to see they're offering the steering wheel stereo controls. This is a nice feature on the Accord.

    Are there any good pics of the new Solara anywhere (other than the Toyota web site)?
  • liberty, I've heard both good and bad about both the solara and sebring. I'm kind of going with the toyota name (camry especially) and the higher resale value on the solara. Also the sebring is more expensive. What makes it so much better? I'm hearing lots of complaints on the message boards. Another thing is the lack of Solaras out there, I don't know whether to take that as if they are not good cars, or that people just don't know about them - there are a lot of sebrings on the road now.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    Thanks. Any option packages on the SLE? Memory seats, dual climate control? Do you have the dimensions and weight?
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Belive me, everyone knows about the Solara. It is a Toyota and everyone always looks to Honda and Toyota first (except me). The Sebring has had great reliability and is selling well due to its beautiful styling, roominess, luxuriousness, and cheapness. It is a lot LESS expensive similarly equipped to a SLE (the LXi trim is equal to SLE actually). The Sebring also has the largest trunk of any convertible out there. Go with the Sebring, you'll LOVE it.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Try and make claims then cite sources to back up your claim. Can you name a publication or cite which substantiates your claim that the Sebrign has outstanding reliability. And watch out on pricing- the new Solara SLE V6 is 26K with nearly everything standard (NAV and curtains are options). I would expect that the convertible be about 2K more, bringing a very well equipped model to 28K base. Sebring convertibles def. get that high.

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