Bad transmission?

psgd10manpsgd10man Member Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in GMC
One day i was driving about a block from my house when I lost all power to the rear wheels. This a 2002 6-cyl 2WD automatic. I had the transmission rebuilt a few years ago because it wouldn't shift out of first into the rest of the forward gears. At least it gave me some warning by slipping going into gears. This time, no warning. The engine runs great. It appears there is enough fluid, and no sign of any leaks. In 'park', the vehicle can not be moved, just as it should be. In 'neutral' it can be moved ( by pushing). So that would tell me it is not the shift lever or cable.There was no slipping prior to breakdown. There were no sounds, like gears breaking. It's just that I move the shift lever into any gear, and nothing. Does this sound like the transmission is bad again? It's hard for me to believe that this is the second time the tranny has gone out. There is only 98,000 miles on the truck.
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