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The 2016 Scion iA sedan is a strong value given its affordable price tag, plentiful features and good performance for the class. It's only a few minor improvements away from being a top contender in this increasingly competitive segment.

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  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Member Posts: 143
    edited July 2015
    Wow. Nice job Scion in combining the look of a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid front end with a Mazda 3 tail and not in a good way. And what is it with Toyota borrowing chassis for Scion, anyway? The result is a good chassis betrayed by an anemic powertrain. What a boring little car.
  • sgtdenversgtdenver Member Posts: 5
    The front end styling ruins what is otherwise a decent car (being a Mazda 2 under the skin). Is this the best design they could come up with? It makes me want to choke. Scion must be glad it's not competing against the Mazda 2, which unfortunately will not be sold in the USA.
  • trexdinotrexdino Member Posts: 6
    pathetic, outdated engine - I'm surprised Toyota didn't use their decades-old 4-speed auto too - why would anyone buy this over a Honda Fit
  • 5vzfe5vzfe Member Posts: 161
    Automatic collision warning/ braking, keyless entry and ignition, bluetooth audio, touchscreen/multi media controller, full suite of airbags, two years of free scheduled maintenance, a Toyota engine combined with a Mazda platform and with a new Mazda interior? All for $16,500? I'd forgive the front end styling instantly, there's too much being offered here to not consider this car. The engine is a letdown - but it's going to be frugal and reliable since it's been used forever in Toyota-land. For this class/price range, there really aren't that many hot rods anyways.
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    The pluses are the good content at the price and the driving dynamics of the Mazda 2 platform. But it's saddled with two significant negatives: a weeny powertrain that can't cash the checks the chassis writes, and that awful front end styling. The grill opening looks like a manta ray at feeding time.
  • ctpaulctpaul Member Posts: 46
    why does this review read like an ad from Scion?
  • bc1960bc1960 Member Posts: 171
    The engine is neither old nor Toyota; it's the Mazda Skyactiv-G 1.5l which in foreign markets makes 99bhp and 111lb-ft torque. It's down on power compared to some other B-class cars but gets better fuel economy with either Skyactiv 6-speed without being much less quick. Fuel economy is considerably superior to the old Mazda Z-series 1.5l or the Toyota NZ-series 1.5l while being similarly powerful.
  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Member Posts: 143
    What's up with Toyota and Scion? First the FR-S and now this IA. Toyota can't come up with any new models of their own?
  • kiiwiikiiwii Member Posts: 318
    will this mazda be as reliable as the "real" toyota?
  • greg128greg128 Member Posts: 526
    Whatever happened to "inoffensive" cars. I feel offended just looking at it. Yikes that is ugly.

    I wonder if Toyota/Lexus/Scion design studio is located in Colorado,
  • greg128greg128 Member Posts: 526
    I surmise I should not put any "word" in quotes?
  • pjm83pjm83 Member Posts: 6
    zoomzoomn said:

    What's up with Toyota and Scion? First the FR-S and now this IA. Toyota can't come up with any new models of their own?

    You'd prefer something else based on the Yaris?
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