2004 Honda Civic Si models

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Does anyone out there know when the 2004 models of the SI will get out to the dealers? There is a dealer in my area with 3 '03 models, and if they get one or two '04's, I'll be able to get them down to a nice price


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    Go to www.collegehillshonda.com and look up the new models section. They have dates listed.

    The new Si will have an exterior freshening i.e. new headlights, bumper, and rear bumper (maybe taillights).

    It should come out in September, though your dealer may be able to one early.
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    knowing honda, their release dates are usually around september 15th, unless it is a new model. Unfortunately for us, current Si owners, Honda is bringing the Si for the third year, and they have upgraded it mildly. Fortunately they are not bringing the Type R, as it has been rumored. The reason I feel that way, Si has almost always been a 2 year run. This kept the resale on it higher than other trims. By having it for the third year with mild improvments, will lower current Si'd resale, because it loses its exclusivity. Type R would diminish any resale value for the current Si's.
    I would imagine that theft of parts will be higher on the upgraded version, since there are 25 000 Si's with "inferior" headlights and side skirts. Since the new parts will be a true bolt on, owners of the 2004 Si, will probably need to keep a close eye on their rides. As it is, Si's seats are highly sought after items. and a few people on "the other board" had theirs taken out in the middle of the night by brazen thieves. If the new headlights are HID as I have heard, then....
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    If they did, think of the uproar from the Accord owners.
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    To Everyone - Since this subject does not really warrant a whole new thread, let's continue this discussion in our ongoing Honda Civic Si / Sir discussion. Thanks.

    Hi rspell- Glad to see your question has been answered here. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your purchase. ;-)

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