Car will not start

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I am posting this for a friend/housemate that bought a 2003 PT Cruiser. Had to have it towed to our place because it only had a clicking noise when turning over the key. Brought it home. Paid only $500. The battery was completely corroded. cleaned it up and still nothing happened. Put in a reliable battery from a Model A and now we get the ding-ding when the door opens and all the idiot lights, and get a RRRRRRR sound like it's trying to start so what else can can try without pouring hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into this vehicle? Very clean body, but as the saying goes, does not matter what the body looks like, it's what's inside that counts.

The vehicle cannot be moved to have AutoZone test the electrical system. Already paid $120 just for towing to get it here. and no insurance yet.

Owner thinks it might be bad gas, but the seller says they just drove it two weeks ago. Not much history on this car, but I can find out if need be, for I do have the seller's phone number.

Any ideas of where to start first? Maybe the starter? Where is that located? Should we invest in a factory manual or just the plain Haynes or Chilton's manual? We do have the owner's manual which is us eless when it comes to the engine.

Thank you in advance for any advice! If you need more info, please ask.


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    I have the same thing happen with my car. 2000 Sebring coupe LXI. It just wont start.
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