2011 Yukon Denali - Why does the battery drain when the doors been open for a short time?

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My 2011 Denali XL battery died several times after the door was left open for a short time. I had the car jumped and then the battery checked. It was fine. After the jump, the car would be fine for a long time, but if the door's left open, even for a short time, the same thing would happen. Can anyone help?


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    The battery is very likely damaged and/or old-enough to require replacement, especially if it is the factory battery. The test result is incorrect because if a car battery fully discharges once, then permanent damage to it is practically guaranteed. With multiple full-discharges, forget about that battery.

    Is the key removed when this problem occurs?

    The vehicle is probably designed to turn off any/all lights after about 10 minutes with a door left open and key removed after the engine is run - consider to test that: Leave the door open and read edmunds.com on your cellphone for 12 minutes, and be sure all the lights and turn off.

    Also there is a setting in the vehicle for how long to leave the headlights on after the engine is stopped and key removed. It could be a minute or two. Consider to scour the manual for info about that, and maybe do the procedure to adjust the setting to reduce the amount of time it leaves the headlights on after you turn off the car.
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    I know about the settings and have done so long time ago... if its the battery, then the personality of it is very strange. I have had many cars and like most people, had batteries die for whatever the reason... but the way it happens on this car is strange. It dies without warning, and is fine after a jump and will continue to be fine. I still have the battery, and it works fine on a day to day basis. It gives one a false hope of security. Anyway, thanks for the advice, will double check your suggestions.
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    I have on 02 Yukon does same thing. Can't even clean or vacuum it even with dome override on. On 4th battery including 2 optima batteries red and yellow top so the battery thing is BS. I too would like to know the real cause and cure of this problem short of a master disconnect switch
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