2007 Liberty Harsh Shift or Tie-up When Cold...Help!

eilisheilish Member Posts: 3
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When I start the jeep, it jolts when driving it, but it seemed only until the engine would warm up, then it seemingly would run fine.​

Everything I have tried is here:

The vehicle Harsh Shift or Tie-up When Cold

*DTC PO868 Line Pressure Low
*PO 934 Line Pressure Sensor Circuit Low

-Removed Pan Replace Filter
-Check SVolt Ref Circuit
-Check Line Pressure Signal Circuit
-Replace Transmission with used unit
-Replace Filter in Transmission
-Perform Transmission Relearn at Dealer

*Still have PO868 Line Pressure Low***

I am wondering if I need a new computer for the vehicle, if that is what the problem is, and how much one of those costs? Are they available used?
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