Power Windows: Blowing Fuse

echo5kiloecho5kilo Member Posts: 1
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Fuse for power windows is 15 amp. Everytime I put in fuse, it blows immediately. How do I go about trouble shooting this problem? Took apart dash to repair a/c unit, and this started after that. How do you trace down a short for power windows.

Thanks for any help


  • joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    When a fuse blows you have to find the source of the problem, just changing the fuse won't fix the problem, it'll continue to blow. In the process of fixing the a/c unit, you must have damaged some wires causing a short to ground, unless for some reason the a/c unit circuitry is connected to the windows which would be rare. Look for worn or bad wiring from the fuse to the window, specifically a frayed wire touching metal ground. Power has to be going through the fuse, so if it was a short to ground before the fuse the fuse wouldn't blow, so you can rule out a short to ground prior to the fuse. You could connect a circuit breaker tool to the window fuse, that way you can see every time the breaker pops as opposed to constantly wasting new fuses.
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