Intermittent Battery Light (Electrical Issues)

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Hello, I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE. About a month ago my battery light came on and shortly after my car completely died while going down the highway. I found out my battery was completely drained. I replaced the battery (because it was already getting old), and had the alternator tested at an Autozone. It tested bad, so I replaced it. My battery light is now intermittent. Some days it does not come on, and the voltage on battery and output of alternator is as it should be; however, sometimes the battery light comes on, and the alternator does not output any voltage (battery voltage just 12.xx when running). Sometimes after a few minutes of driving, the battery light will go out, and it will act normal. I am having a real difficult time with this one. All fuses seem to be good, and all fusible links have continuity. Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated--Thanks!


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    I don't know what 12.xx means, 12.6 would be a good battery (the decimal point matters, as a 12.00 V battery would be considered discharged). If the alternator is new but only intermittently puts out voltage then that could indicate a bad ground somewhere, which might have caused the initial discharge of the old battery. You know the alternator should be good since it is new, so that must mean it is something wrong between the alternator and the battery terminals. If it comes and goes that usually means a bad ground, such as a wire coming loose and then reconnecting. High resistance would still give some voltage to the battery, and an open wouldn't ever give voltage out.
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