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2007 Pontiac Torrent stability traction light and engine light

mccoyacmccoyac Member Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Pontiac
I have a 2007 Pontiac torrent. The stability traction light and engine light kept coming on and the suv seems as if it was loosing speed. The problem was the mass air flow sensor that connects to the engine is what was causing the problem. I got it replaced and I have not had any more problems.


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    dixiegirl76dixiegirl76 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and this weekend my traction control light started coming on. My husband said it sounded a little weak with him when he turned the key. I have not had any other lights come on, but the TC light came on again this morning with me. Any suggestions on this problem? Could it be a simple fix? I don't have the extra money to put it in the shop.
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    sonickaos1sonickaos1 Member Posts: 1
    Its FIXED! I have a 2007(fwd) Torrent and having the same problems with brakes locking up. First I thought that my front calipers are seized, so I replace them. Well I had a hard time bleeding them. Got them bleed and realized the brake pedal will go all the way down to stop the truck, that lasted for a month then the brake pedal started to be sensitive and slowing the truck down, great that didn't fix the problem. I tried to pull the fuse out for the traction control and maybe that's the problem.(If you hold down the traction control button about 10 secs it will shut down completely.) The brakes are still locking up with no power to traction control. So I thought it might be the sensors on the wheels, can't be with no power they won't do nothing. If u drive the truck when it's cold and if the pedal sometimes goes all the way down then it's the master cylinder, as the truck heats up and the brakes are getting touchy and the oil in the lines are expanding from the heat and not returning back in the reservoir. Then I started to pump them just like everybody else with the same problem. I took out the master cylinder and remove the cap and the oil did not flow freely. I replace the master cylinder and my truck is working great. I'm burning less fuel with more power. Now I need to replace front rotors and pads, their warped front the old master cylinder. For those people who had their master cylinder replaced and did not work, it's  a good chance the part is defective or got scammed. I suggest u buy the part and watch the mechanic put it in and bleed the brakes. or watch u tube and do it yourself if u can. it was easy. 
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