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Is Supercharger Standard on 2003 D/C Pre runner Limited?

toddler2toddler2 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota

I am new to this discussion board as well as Tacoma's in general. I just started looking for a Tacoma Prerunner Double Cab Limited/TRD, 3.4. I just visited a dealer in Fresno, CA who told me that this model (Limited) comes standard with a supercharger (or blower?) that boosts the HP from 190 to 240?? I am not a "car-guy" so I didn't know if I was getting duped.

I have done research on the Toyota website as well as Edmunds and can find no mention of this in the Limited Option package? Anyone know if this is true?? Something tells me it's not.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks a lot!!

p.s. Anyone know about the availability of Limited package double-cab pre-runners on the west coast? I have only been to two dealers and each say that they are hard to get. Thanks


  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Let's talk in the Tacoma Problems forum, but basically: if you see a TRD supercharger listed on the sheet for the truck, then it's included. Also, price for the truck just went up $3000 (for blower itself, if you're lucky) + $500 or so for install of it by dealer. The #s he gave you are fairly correct.

    Best way to check for supercharger: open the hood and look for it. It's the shiny (or black) conical-looking thing that sits on top of the engine, it'll have "TRD Supercharger" on top of it, and will have a pulley with a belt from the engine.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    Which dealer told you the supercharger is standard? Michael?
    The supercharger is a $3,000 option(plus installation) that most people choose not to get.It's fun but you don't need it and it's not free.After the $3k you'll lose fuel economy and they don't recomend towing with it.

    Try Selma Toyota and Bingham and be sure to let them know you're shopping for the best price.

  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    They don't recommend towing with it...? Where did you hear that at? That is one of the main selling points of the S/C because of the extra torque in the low rpms. I have towed hundreds of miles with mine and it's great.
  • toddler2toddler2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response Kip. It was actually a Bingham salesman that gave me the info last night. He mentioned nothing about additional cost over the Limited Package. $3k is a little steep for me and I have nothing to tow, although, it does sound like fun. He also didn't mention anything about the reduced gas mileage. What kind of mileage could I expect with the supercharger?

    Thanks a lot for the information!

  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    It may be that the std trans in my 95 was the weak link but the service manager at Bingham Toyota recomended against it. I sold the truck 2 years ago with 105k on it.The new owner is a close friend of mine and I see the truck regularly.It is now s/c'd and has over 130k mi.I told him what the service manager said and also warned against blowing a high milage engine.He does'nt tow with it and most of his 25k+ mi have been with the s/c.It pings unless he uses octane booster,which he does all the time.I think the 5 spd was only available in '95-'96.With the std cab it will light off all 4 tires on the pavement quite well but gets squirrly in 2wd.I've never been in a ex-cab or D/C that was S/C'd but the stock V6 was almost enough for me.My friend can't keep his foot out of it and only gets 11-13 in
    town but still gets 17+ on the hiway.I only got 18 hwy/15 city without the S/C.

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