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ABS problem answered !

bustersmom1bustersmom1 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Saturn
I have a 2009 Saturn Vue. ABS/stability traction error code.Dinging . Topped of the brake fluid and it corrected the issue. However, I will be replacing the brakes as this has much to do with the low brake fluid level. The sensor is to the right so when making hard left turns coupled with low brake fluid will cause the lights and dinging to occur. Thankfully, I am only out 80.00 for a diagnostic check which said I required a yaw sensor for 200.00. To only take a chance after the fact to put fluid in. I suggest you check your brake fluid before hand and replace your brakes before replacing costly sensors regularly and paying for a wrong diagnostic test. . As the Saturn's have the ABS problem reoccurring. I hope this helps:)
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