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2013 and Earlier - Ford Escape Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nfjnrnfjnr Posts: 25
    Was that dealer offer after the rebates? If so was it 2500$ or 3000$
  • hi prosa, purchased the mazda tribute 2006 2wd s package 3 here in palm beach about 1 month ago. msrp $27,745 invoice $25,961, bought it for $23,700. so at $23,746 for a 4wd you are getting a very good deal. i love the vehicle. i had a 2001 ford escape v-6 that i put 130,000 trouble free miles on. the only disappointment i have is that other than the bells and whistles with my new tribute , i see no significant performance improvements!! ( power, ride, steering, gas mileage ) are very much the same!! you would think after 5 years mazda/ford would have addressed this issue!! i welcome all replies and comments..
  • Guys feel lucky, I live in Venezuela and Ford just relaunch the Escape this Year. They sold the Escape back in 2001 with no good numbers. So Now I'm getting a 2006 V6 Escape. I'm paying the equivalent off $30.000. It doesn't come with any good option, just the standard ones. I need to star buying the cover cargo shade in USA.

    P.D In 2002 bought a Mercedes Benz C230 Sportcoupe for $50.000,oo in USA the same car was selling for $30.000,oo
  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    I have found a vehicle I'm interested in, unsure of what would be a good price to offer......
    2005 S 2wd........Package 2, tow pack & side airbags... MSRP is $25,945. invoice around 24,400 What should I shoot for with the $3500 rebate???????? Any advice would be appeciated............Thanks.........
  • I have had my Mariner Hybrid for about a month. I am very impressed and am now sold on Hybrid Technology. The on board energy system makes me smile when it displays 31mpgs.!! The build quality is excellent and so is the sound system/NAV System. My only constructive criticism: Make the tilt steering wheel tilt a bit higher. A Climate Control System (with Max A/C Lockout) should be available. PS I can't wait for a Lincoln Aviator Hybrid!!
  • Wanted to rate my new Mariner Hybrid. However, Hybrid Mariner Evaluation Selection Not Yet Posted! Hello!! This happens to be the Most Revolutionary Ford Product Since the Model A!! See my prvious note. My overall rating: 9 to 9.5. Certainly worth the investment in the technology.
  • bd70bd70 Posts: 30
    Is the dealership extended "Portfolio" warranty a good deal at $1100? The more I read about the problems people have later in a Tribute's life, the more I think I would need one. Coverage seems rather comprehensive, addressing just about everything other than wear and tear issues. The issue is price. Thoughts?

    Well while I'm here, before I even get to that point, I'm dealing with a dealership that will give me $400 under invoice plus $2250 in customer and dealer cash plus $500 for financing, which the dealer says I can pay off IMMEDIATELY, without penalty to him. This is for a fairly well equipped '06 Tribute S 4WD. Any good?

    Thanks in advance
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,526
    a few years back i a 'portfolio' waranty. i did have a couple of issues, and they did pay. the only inconvenient part was that if you broke down less then 40 miles from the selling dealership you have to bring it back there for repairs. one time i broke down 39 miles away. :( they did kick in for the tow, though. just make sure you get a receipt. hopefully you won't have to use it.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • As a long time member of Edmunds, I value the input of all. I was just recently transferred from Phx to Colorado Springs and am now looking for a SUV. The list of candidates include

    Mercury Mariner
    Nissan Murano
    Toyota Highlander
    Toyota RAV4 (new 2006 w/ V6)
    Subaru Outback Turbo with auto
    Subaru Forrester Turbo with auto

    I welcome your experience with any of these vehicles as well as with the Colorado Springs dealers of the same.

    Thanks much

  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    It appears this person wasn't at all happy:
    link title
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    And the rest of the story:
    link title
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    all this over a bad deal on a car?? wow.
  • stevedc34stevedc34 Posts: 25
    I live in the Pittsburgh Pa area...looking to buy a Ford Escape XLS 2WD...can anyone please offer an idea as to what a good price for this auto would be? Thanks.

  • I got it on President's Day. They had special incentives that weekend. $2000 rebate, $1500 'Ford Bonus Cash', 'First Payment is on Us' (turned out to be $400 towards principle), and a $500 coupon from Ford for visiting the Auto Show (and would soon expire). My employer already offers 'employee pricing' so I didn't have to negotiate.

    It had the safety package, full size spare, and I had them add the cargo cover. MSRP was $24000 before ttl. I paid off the loan as soon as Ford's 1st payment was done, so the grand total was $18,207.19 before ttl, $20,321.61 total.

    Yeah, I live in a high-tax state.

  • bwelchbwelch Posts: 1
    I am loking at buying a 2006 Mercury Mariner can I get a # for employee price???. Would any one be willing to share their employee #????
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 85,812
    You can't get the employee price unless you are an employee or relative..

    I really don't think anyone would risk their job to get you the employee discount..

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  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Wanted to get feedback on a price quote I received for a 200 Ford Escape XLS (4 cylinder auto) with the following options: convenience group,safety package, cargo convenience group, and roof rack for $18,467.00 plus tt&l. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • Assuming that is 2006, the basic invoice is $20,330 plus tt&l. However, there is a $2000 rebate and a $1000 'match' from Ford Credit, bringing that price down to $17,330. So, if the quote includes the Ford Credit offer, I'd call that a bad price.

    If the dealer is NOT including the Ford Credit $1000 'match', then he's probably only asking Invoice (there are regional ad fees), which is good. Be sure to ask for the invoice before signing anything.

  • dkrayziedkrayzie Posts: 5
    I just payed $18,300 for a Sonic blue 2006 Ford Escape, with roof rack, running board, and convenience group. MSRP was $21,800 they took $500 of that price, and I was able to get $3,000 in incentives plus 0% APR.
  • joelampjoelamp Posts: 4
    Took delivery last week on a new Tribute in Platinum Metallic. Only option on ours was SAB/SAC.

    Invoice price $24,495.

    Price paid with rebates was $20,545.

    We were offered an additional $500 rebate for financing with Mazda Credit, but declined as it was linked to a 9.5%/48 interest rate. We financed through a local bank instead and saved almost 3.0%.
  • callallcallall Posts: 3
    Just visit Hopkins Ford in PA and have a very bad experience there. I would not recommend anybody to do business with them. The sale person treated me as an idiot.

    I had an opposite experience on the same day at Sussman Acura. I just want to buy an american car as a support of american car industry, but both GMC and Ford kicked me away. I have a 02 Honda, which is trouble free for the past 4 years. Maybe I should consider a second one.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    One dealer here southern Ohio has 7 '05 es mpv's (around 30,500msrp)for 10k off painted on the windows. (about 20500) If he advertises that from the road god only knows what kinda deal one could work out.

    Also has 6 of the lot hound 05 mazda 3 hatchbacks with no advert but probably flexible.

    Saw 3 05 mazda Tribute AWD around 26-27k msrp advertised (on the windows) for 7k off list.

  • watercop1watercop1 Posts: 18
    Just got the wife a 06 Mariner Premier. Spent an hour at the dealership - very pleasant experience. Didn't feel like haggling. Price was 23K and includes every available option including running boards, tow hitch, Sirius. On the road price was 24K financed (low tax with Ford Motor Credit at 0% for 60 months. Probably could have got a better price but did not feel like fighting.

    Like the mariner overall. The cup holders (front and back) are useless. Engine noise and tranmission is loud coming from a Honda Accord. Tires seem loud - maybe an upgrade later. Needs some tweaking and refinement. Looks very stylish which is a factor for my wife. My Sirius is on order. Does anyone know where they put the antenna and how the display looks. The stereo sounds good but looks cheesy - so not expecting much of a display.

  • mr_anton89mr_anton89 Posts: 72
    Pull out the black rubber things in the cup holders and then they are all you could want.
  • Trim level for trim level, what are the MAJOR differences in these three? For instance, I know when I bought my '03 Trib the major diff's were the longer warranty (5/60 vs 3/36) and the, um, supposedly, more elegant interior of the Trib (I still question the whacko color scheme in there).

    I believe the Mariner may be the one of the three that costs less, but why?
  • Just yesterday concluded a second weekend and one long Friday of shopping, driving, haggling, and most importantly, researching on Edmunds and others.

    Honda CR-V was beginning to falter, (after 171,000 miles) so wife and I embarked on a search for a replacement. Used vehicle pricing + higher interest rates made new vehicles more appealing, even accounting for the inevitable depreciation slapdown.

    We cross-shopped the 2006 Highlander (4 cylinder, stripper models) which have a choice of $2000 incentive to customer OR 0.0% or 1.9% interest rates (48 and 60 months, respectively). Best quoted price out of 2 Toyota dealers in the immediate Orlando area was $23,789. After tax, tag, and title, we were looking at $26,138, which was a richer price than Mami and I wished to pay. Tales from the Highlander forums suggested $22,500 was our target price to pay for such a vehicle, but we have to finance, so we could not take advantage or the $2000 rebate. Plus, the arithmetic said the interest rate saved us more than $2,000 over 5 years than the best possible non-Toyota rate available (I used 5.99% as my comparison, and there is no guarantee we could have obtained that low a rate anyway).

    Long story short, there didn’t seem to be much wiggle room to get this car down to the $22,500 neighborhood. Besides the two dealers we visited, I also made e-mail inquiries to a third, relayed I would be a buyer at that price, and even selected a white Highlander out of that dealers stock and referenced it in my e-mail. I never heard back from them. The salesperson at Courtesy Toyota who provided the written offer at $23,789 was unfailingly courteous (seems appropriate) each time we conversed by phone, but never gave the slightest indication that there was any more room to dicker-he just wanted to know if I was going to come in soon to complete the transaction.
    From these experiences I concluded that perhaps we really had touched bottom on Highlander pricing despite anecdotal evidence of lower pricing in other markets. It was time to drive an Escape.

    Visited Greenway Ford in Orlando, closest one to my work and home, and took home a 2007 XLT FWD, (4 cylinder engine) for an extended test drive that night. My wife is the primary driver of this vehicle, so I wanted her to help decide. She reported it felt a bit more truck-like than the CR-V and the Highlander, which is understandable, since there are both car-based sport cutes, but she thought she could probably live with it. She did not like the leather guts; in hot, sticky, Florida, sticking to the seats is a valid concern. In the meantime, my Friday was spent poring over Edmunds and KBB to educate myself, and getting internet quotes from other dealers. Got a written offer from a competing Ford dealer to sell me a similarly equipped Escape for $23,500 The 2007 Escape is still well-incentivized with plenty of cash rebates or attractive rates from Ford Credit. Most offers expire October 2, 2006, so hurry if you are thinking about this one. (Or wait, for the next big marketing blitz) We returned that car Saturday and asked for the same one with cloth seats. There was one at a different dealership, and so we bought it sight unseen within 2 hours. The deal looked like this:

    2007 Escape XLT FWD with auto trans. The 2.3L I4 engine was a requirement of my fuel-miser wife, who is not an old lady but does accelerate like one. One of her shopping stipulations going in was that any Honda replacement we would buy had to get mileage as good as or better than the out-going CR-V at 24mpg in suburban driving.

    MSRP on the base car so equipped was $22,280. The two options we wanted, moonroof (option 43M) and the audiophile CD system (option 588) add $1,180 to that cost, but Ford throws you the Sun and Sound discount of $585 if you get those two options in combination, so its like getting both options for the price of the stereo alone. The car we were dealing on also had the Rear Cargo Convenience Group (option 21R) for $150. Adding it all up the MSRP was $23,665. Greenway offered to move the car at $23,000. I countered with $22,500, and sales manager agreed. Then I pulled out the $500 College Graduate certificate I had downloaded from the Ford site, and watched the salesman squirm. They agreed it is a valid discount, and I had printed out my class schedule as per the requirement. So the final purchase price was $22,000, which is $888 below Edmunds TMV price and $296 below Edmunds invoice. I think we did alright…at least I don’t feel it was a one-sided victory for the dealer as in my last several purchases. Only then did we mention that would like an appraisal on the Honda. I guess as a measure of how unwelcome we were at that point, they offer us three hundred dollars for it, which I interpret as a good sign that we beat the stuffing out of their potential profit before holdback So we took the Honda to Carmax in Orlando; they will buy it Monday night for $2,000, which we will use to lower the amount we have to finance. Now as long as Ford Motor Credit doesn’t vomit me back up, and my so-far unseen purchase is what I expect, my work here is complete.

    Hope others find this novella helpful…had to get if off my chest. Can now focus on football.
  • I am looking to lease a 2007 Mariner Luxury FWD.This is the deal I got: the sticker price is $25,645 and with supplier discount, the price is at about $25,000 with interest included. The lease is 36 months, 12k miles for $332/mth at $0 down. Could I get a better deal. Thanks.
  • ea1420ea1420 Posts: 22
    Our local Lincoln-Mercury dealer has a deal for the convenience package with roof rack for $16900 (that's with the 2K rebate figured in), which frankly, I was shocked at how cheap it was considering the other SUVs out there.
  • Just purchased a 2006 Mazda Tribute-i, 4-cylinder 5-speed with AWD, options were all weather mats and rear bumper step. Metro-West Boston, MA region.

    MSRP was $22,515, invoice was 21,089. Paid $20995 - $3000 rebate - $1000 MAC finance bonus cash for a net price of just $16995. Added cruise control (not available from the factory on "i" manual transmissions) for $300.

    Financed the minimum required to get the $1000 bonus ($7k) and will pay off as a lump sum when first payment is due (interest rate with MAC is much higher than prime...about 9.8%, something around 6-6.5% should be available if you need to finance).

    Very happy with the vehicle and with the dealership!

    Also cross-shopped the 2007 Escape XLS AWD. Found one that was base with alloy wheels (MSRP $22090, invoice $20876) and had negotiated a price of $20,800 - $2000 Ford cash for a net price of $18,800. Went with the Mazda as they gave me a much better price on my trade-in, plus the Mazda had 16" alloys with wider tires, tinted glass, firmer suspension tuning, and 4year/50k mile warranty...all with a lower net price due to higher rebates (but it is a "leftover").

    For those who are shopping any of these models there is no reason you should pay higher than invoice, the 2006 and 2007 are "lame ducks"...the redesigned 2008 will come out in early spring 2007 so push hard for a deal.

    I used quotes from Edmunds and from to "cut to the chase" :).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 85,812
    A 5-speed Mazda Tribute?

    So, you are the one... ;)


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