No A/C, any info on where to check and what to look for would be greatly appreciated..

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I have just noticed my 2003 Lincoln Navigator's air conditioning isn't working. I don't think the compressor is coming on. Any tips or even a temporary quick fix even as I'm taking a trip this week. Can't get to the dealer in time, any help????????

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    freon?if u have an oring leak or coil leak oreilley auto parts sells sealer called red angel IT WORKS costs $47 a can my daughters a c coil under dash had leak tried this before under taking a miserable job of replacement it has held a freon charge for a yr and a half you must ask for it they keep it locked up- in back of store
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350 have yet to see an additive that works long term and I would sure hate to gunk up my system should it have to come apart later for repair.
  • mainlyymainlyy Member Posts: 17
    What would I be looking at for a complete repair. Evidently something happened since the last time the AC worked, I have only driven the vehicle about 12000 miles since I had a new engine installed three years ago. What would a proper repair ensue, and what exactly broke or wore out or corroded to bring this problem on, and how do I prevent this from happening in the future. The original miles on the vehicle is 123000 miles. I'd like to keep this truck running a long time, AC would also be nice..............
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    Take it to an A/C auto repair shop. Ask them to diagnose the problem and get an estimate for the repair. Be prepared to pay for the diagnosis. This charge is typically dropped it you authorize the shop to make the repair. Navigator A/C repairs are costly. Most of the repair costs are for the labor. Depending on where the defective part is, auto techs have to remove parts that are none A/C related to get to the defective A/C part.
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