Car broke 2x in first week - Exchange?

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I've never leased a car before and I had a very bad experience so far with the dealership.

The reason is, the driver door made weird sounds while driving (noticed it in the next morning after picking up my new car) - brought it to the dealership - they fixed it and less than 3days later it makes the same noise again.

Obviously I am forced to return it again to the dealership but if this situation should repeat one more time, what are my options?
A ) Can I get out of the entire contract and I will get fully reimbursed incl. downpayment (registration, fees etc?)
B ) Can I get a new vehicle as an exchange?
C) Other?

Also, The dealership has hurt my credit by doing two hard checks on it. Is that normal?


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    The answer to your question is no. You can't give the car back or unwind the contract at this point.

    They do, however have the obligation to fix your car under warranty so make sure you give them another chance. It could be something elusive that is difficult to pin down. Be nice but firm.

    Highly doubtful that pulling a second credit check would hurt your score.
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    thanks for your response.
    Well how often are they able to repair the same issue of my car because lucky me, I have not selected the closest dealership to my home and they even want to charge me for the rental car which is the 2nd worst thing as well as driving to the dealership 6x in one week..

    Are there any limits before consequences can occur?
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    Lemon laws may apply in your state but you are a long way from that.

    Any dealer can perform warranty work. It doesn't have to be ther store where you bought the car. They may not LIKE doing warranty work on a car bought elsewhere but they will do it. I would push them for a no charge rental car.
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    well thats what i expect but besides a free rental replacement, is there nothing else i can do? whats the benefit of a lemon law in florida? i don't see it
  • hauptstadthauptstadt Member Posts: 4
    I just found the answer. 3x otherwise he has to replace the vehicle.
    in addition, 2 hard checks affect my credit negatively .
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    make sure you get documentation for each visit.
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    hauptstadt, really poor situation. I wish you handle it.
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    I just found the answer. 3x otherwise he has to replace the vehicle.
    in addition, 2 hard checks affect my credit negatively .

    Thanks for posting this! It's good to get the facts right and I hope everything works out for you.
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