Front Panel and Radio will not respond after battery change

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Hey guy,my 2002 beetle battery died on me and to make sure it was the battery I jumped started the car, the car started it was fine, so I went to Walmart and purchased a new battery but it took me 1 day to do that, and I accidently kept both positive and negatives, so the car was not connected to any battery for over 24 hours. When I finally finished switching the battery, the car turned on fine, but nothing on my front panel (gas gauge, speedometer, RPM meter) and my radio will not work (I have read a lot about this, but it is not even asking me for the Radio Card Code.
The power windows, horn and sun roof are working fine, along with all the lights on the front panel, the problem is that the gauges are not moving and radio does not respond. Can someone please help me with this, what should I do?
I checked the fuse box (on top of the battery and they are all fine).
Thank you
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