94 Ranger Starting Problem

xtigertubextigertube Member Posts: 1
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I have looked everywhere for a answer to this and can't seem to find one.

I have a 1994 Ranger (Mazda B4000) 4.0L 6 cylinder. Today after I got done mowing my yard, I went to go move my truck and as I was starting it my finger slipped off the key before it cranked over and now I can't get it to crank over and start.

It has started storming for the remainder of the night so I don't feel like messing with it till tomorrow.

Does anyone know what my problem could be or should I just let it sit and see if what it does in the morning.


  • sixpac440sixpac440 Member Posts: 6
    chk fuses also wont fire off computer if voltage to low even if starter turns over
  • johnfiorejohnfiore Member Posts: 8
    check the plug wires if they are getting proper current or do the same as mentioned above.
  • rodney1113rodney1113 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 93 ranger 3.0 was driving, engine died now turns over but won't start . i'm getting spark
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