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Toyota announced it will stop production of the Toyota Venza at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky by June 2015 for the United States and by September 2017 for other export destinations.

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  • value4moneyvalue4money Member Posts: 1
    The positioning of this car, from the beginning, was a disaster. It was touted as a vehicle for empty-nest Baby Boomers who no longer needed a minivan. Who wanted to be an aging Baby Boomer? In general, there was little advertising and promotional support for the vehicle.

    As the owner of a 2009 Venza (yes, I guess I was a buyer at the high water mark), I thought it was a solid but un-flashy Toyota version of a Lexus RX 350 and should have been positioned that way. It has an excellent 6 cylinder engine, AWD capability, and was just right for a family of four that included two teenagers. It has typical Toyota reliability and we have never had any issues with the car.
  • fourwheelcyclefourwheelcycle Member Posts: 1
    I am shocked to see the Venza is being discontinued! We previously had a Highlander. We loved it, but it was always a chore to lift our kayaks up to the roof rack. The Venza has a lower roof and it has been perfect for us. We have gotten used to sitting up a bit higher and I don't think we would ever go back to a lower Camry or a station wagon. Our 2009 Venza only has 42,000 miles - I hope there is a good Toyota or Honda around when we finally need to trade it in. We like six cylinder engines, so that has always ruled out the CRV. When we bought the Venza the six cylinder RAV4 only came with a spare tire mounted outside on the back, which competed with our trunk-mounted bicycle rack. Also, the RAV4 wasn't finished off as nicely inside as the Venza.
  • pmichaspmichas Member Posts: 1
    We purchased a 2009 fully loaded Venza new. It is in mint condition with 10,800 miles on it. The Venza is the finest car we ever purchased. I guess we will have to keep it since there is nothing to replace it.
  • CynAnnRCynAnnR Member Posts: 1
    Bought a XLE FWD, October 2014, been a wonderful car...about, 71,000 miles. Only reason to trade safety features!
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