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My name is Alec, a car repair and service manuals expert, nice to join Edmunds and hope to connect with the car lovers here. Have a question about service manuals, don't hesitate to shoot!


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    Hello! and welcome to Edmunds. It will be nice having an expert to consort with. I was for about 20 yrs. an ASE brake, hydraulic, trans-drive line, and electrical tech., specializing in 12 and 24 volt electrical repair, re-build and customization. I do have 2 questions and hope you can help me solve them. I live in a county that does E-Check, so I have to keep my emissions system up to par. My last check showed high levels of Nitrous Oxide, now I know this is only caused by high engine temp. Here is the mystery! My engine runs very cool, in fact on real cold winter days I have to block part of the radiator to get heat. I have done all the preliminaries such as flushing and pressure testing the cooling system, replacing the radiator cap, replacing the cat converter, and all the gaskets in the exhaust system. For the life of me I can't solve this emission, any suggestions? And question 2; What is the best online manual for a 1993 GEO Cami built tracker with a 1.6L 4 cyl SOHC 8 valve engine? Thanks for any help and again, welcome aboard!
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