In my 04 Dodge Durango - where is the upstream O2 sensor located? Is it easy to replace?

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In my 04 Dodge Durango - where is the upstream O2 sensor located? I would think it's between the front of converter and back of engine.......

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    Thanks for replying. This Durango is actually my son's car. This morning while we jacked up the front to figure out where a squeak was coming from in the suspension, we looked and found the two upstream sensors. I asked him which one was the bad one and he didn't know which bank/side the sensor needed replacing. He said AutoZone told him which sensor to buy. I told him that's not enough info from AutoZone.
    Anyway, it's the 5.7 Hemi engine. By The Way...we greased every possible flexible fitting, zirk grease fitting, etc. And the darn thing still squeaks when you drive over a slight bump !!
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    Hey! Me again, I see you have the 5.7 Hemi, If you really want to test those O2 sensors; here is the procedure. Unplug the sensor wire from the harness, with test light prob, make sure one wire is hot all the time the key is on engine not running. Check both sensors, means you have feed power and ECM is looking. Now that you know which wire is feed, the other one is the sending unit wire. re-connect them and with the engine running, (be very careful around moving engine parts), the sending unit wire should cycle between 0.10 and 0.90 volts; anything more, or a steady signal with no cycle and that unit is bad. Use your multi-meter set to lowest DC volt setting to measure, red lead to wire, black lead to ground. That squeak is most likely from the coil spring seats in the upper spring housing. They use to be pure rubber, but now-a-days they are made with a high content of neoprene, this gives them great durability, flexibility and strength, but it causes that squeak when they are dry. Two ways to stop it; either replace them with new rubber seats, if you get good ones, available at racing supply house or off road store, will last well 3 to 5 years, or spray them once a week with WD-40. Good luck to you and your son!
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    Thanks for so much information ! My son didn't say what the code number was when AutoZone plugged into the computer thing. I think I need to know two things....where is cylinder No. 1? On which bank ( 1 or 2) and I need the code number that says what the issue is. He says it runs fine. Then regarding the coil spring squeak. There IS NO coil spring up front. Only a shock absorber. After greasing and spraying every conceivable location that moves in the front left suspension, we zeroed in on the front connection of the left side "torsion bar". I call it that because we had a '66 Fury with torsion bar suspension...and it looks like that. I s there SUPOSED to be a coil spring there?
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    Hey again! Nice to hear from you, glad the truck runs well, that's always a plus. As to the No. 1 cyl. it is at the front right bank as you face the engine from the front see image attached.

    As to the coil spring, I looked online and there are replacement coils and coil seats available for the 04 Durango. But with a more extensive search I was able to find pictures of some that only have the shock, they were calling them struts, so I guess the answer is some do and some don't. Glad to hear you found that squeak. Those little things like that can drive you nuts, I know they do me. Might want to look at getting one of those OBDII meters so you can pull the codes yourself, they work with any vehicle equipped with OBDII. I think that is all 97's and newer. Thanks for taking the time to post back. It's always nice to know the outcome.
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    Now I will go to NAPA. The Napa near me seems to be filled with knowledgeable staff...not people who just type in the computer and willy-nilly pick a part (usually the wrong one). The folks at my Napa THINK !!!

    I will urge my son to re-try getting OBDII readings at Napa and go from there. Thank you for quick location of No. 1 cylinder.

    I didn't make myself clear on the squeak. It's STILL there. It was the very last location where we thought it was coming from when we decided it was from that torsion bar area. I'm going to start the easy fix by replacing the shock absorbers...they DEFINITLY are not struts. By the way, This Website is Awesome. I thank you !!!
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    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I have always liked Napa, and you're right, they seem to be more knowledgeable. I remember when I could walk into a parts store and buy a set of bushings and brushes for a starter, and now they can't sell me a cup-holder without asking ; is that vehicle 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive, it's insanity gone wild! I guess I'm telling my age, but I don't mind getting older, the alternative is no better. You are right about the web site, that's why I joined it. Mostly just a bunch of good people helping one another and exchanging information. kinda old fashioned in a way, there I go again telling my age. You and your son will get that truck all together and tight yet. Have a great day!
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    Hi, I haven't had time lately to get to the squeaking Durango front end....but my son just left our busy car guy and offhandedly he told my son "Sounds like a ball joint". Is there a way to get grease in it? My son and I had the front driver's side off the ground, looking at grease places/zirk fittings. Only found one on each side where front anti-sway bar attaches. Do you think our mechanic's ear was correct in thinking it's the ball joint? It's funny how something so small can be so irritating !
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    Hey. I just checked out YouTube about squeaky ball joint No way ! It needs replacing....and I'm not the poor sucker to do it. Time to call my mechanic !!!
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