Dashboard/brake light problems

neviawineviawi Member Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Mazda
Recently purchased a 1997 626. Love it so far. 5 speed that is fun to drive, 4 cylinder that runs like a top, great gas mileage, but there is a major issue that will not allow me to drive it at night. If I have the lights on and I put on the right turn signal, the dashboard and tail lights go out. Once it resets, the lights are back to normal. The aforementioned lights will also start shorting out while I am doing normal driving. I have also found that I have to play around with the switch to keep the lights on. Most of the time the solution is to hit the right turn signal very briefly and then it starts working. The turn signals and headlights work. I know of that. I am wondering if it is a fuse that has gone out or if it is the turn signal/headlight switch in the steering column. Anyone know of a solution that won't run me up to $500, which is what I was quoted by the auto shop I frequent? Any help I can get would be tremendous. Thank you all in advance.

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