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2016 UVO iPod Shuffle Playback Resets Playlist after 5 Minutes - Hear Same Songs Over

kiatuneskiatunes Member Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Kia
Summary of Problem: Listening to the iPod plugged in and left in the 2016 Sorento, while in the middle of a playlist you have on shuffle, (say, 12 of 201), you may decide to stop the car and go into a store. When you get back, the UVO will no longer be in the audio screen but back to the home screen, where you’re audio will no longer be on shuffle, but instead on continuous play. You have to turn shuffle back on, and when you do, your playlist starts over again (1 of 201) causing you to listen to the same song you just heard, and never allowing you to get to the end of a longer playlist, because every time you get in your car you have to start the playlist over again.

The Details: I will take my time to make a helpful thread here for all us hardcore audiophiles here that like to keep an iPod in the car with various playlists (an audiophile is a person enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction). I connect with a wire for the better sound quality compared to lower Bluetooth quality. I also added a couple subs to the car even though it came with one. The story is long, and my wife and I have been through alot with KIA Consumer Affairs in the past on this issue. We have the 2014 KIA Sorento Limited, all black with chrome wheels and red breaks :). Top of the line full screen UVO. Best car I ever had!

So good I purchased a 2016 Sorento Limited. All white, fully loaded down to the puddle lights. Nothing left off. I had to special order it and wait 6 months to get. So awesome! Until I realized I had the same iPod shuffle reset issue to continuous play after 5 minutes of the car being turned off when the media player returns to the home screen, and the audio moves to the top right.

I need to back up briefly to tell the whole story, as I had the same issue with the 2016 as the 2014, but the 2015 was fixed and worked correctly. KIA Consumer Affairs deemed the 2014 UVO not defective, and even though replacing my UVO with the 2015 would have resolved the issue, they refused to resolve it, and in fact made it very difficult for me along every step of the way, almost like a mission to not help me instead of making sure I was a happy KIA customer. The dealer, Savage Auto in Reading, PA, would not help (and I talked to the General Manager), and said I had to trade in my 2014 for a late year 2014 (after they fixed the UVO shuffle issue) or 2015. I just bought the car! Trade it in? That’s not a good solution.

So I went to Brown-Daub KIA in Easton, PA. The General Manager there was wonderful. Armand gave me the option to buy the 2015 UVO outright for $2,000 and replace it, which I did. They replaced it and the shuffle issue was resolved. That is why I purchased my 2016 Sorento there. Because of their excellent service team, and the compassion of Armand, and the new car sales manager Mike. KIA refused to cover anything as Consumer Affairs had it out for me (seriously, they did, they were relentless at trying to stop any advances that were made in resolving this issue).

Now to the 2016 Sorento. The one with the puddle lights . Of course we tested a less-equipped Sorento with the same UVO before we ordered a $48,000 fully loaded Sorento. We got out of the car for a few minutes, got back in, as saw the media screen and the tunes were on shuffle. We then ordered the car, and waited 6 months to get it. Drove it home. The next day got in and said what is this – a home screen, and my playlist is no longer on shuffle! We had no idea there was even a home screen to the UVO when we looked at the one on the lot. We would not know that because it takes 5 minutes for the UVO to return to the home screen to continuous play. We only waited a few minutes in the test.

Not only did I need to spend $2,000 to replace my 2014 UVO with a 2015, now I had to pay $1,500 to return the car. The dealer was awesome – we were heartbroken, like the loss of a pet or friend. Seriously, we really, really love the car. Never in my life did I have a car like that. All the cameras too, oh, just the best . Returning it back to the dealer was not just expensive, but hard on us.

So now I wait. Will they fix the UVO again late in the year like they did the 2014? I gave my other car to my brother the day I bought the 2016 (a cool 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe). So now I only have one car, holding out for hope that KIA will fix the UVO, and I can finally buy the car of my dreams! But I won’t hold my breath. I called KIA Consumer Affairs and it does not sound hopeful. I do not feel they want to hear our issues, or even care. I feel the reps I dealt with just want to defend KIA, and limit liability on KIA.

In July 2015 the updated the UVO to include a Wi-Fi application so we can conceivably upgrade if KIA ever resolves the shuffle issue. Even with this latest release adding the Wi-Fi unfortunately the shuffle stills cancels to continuous play after 5 minutes when the home page appears. I purchased the car anyway. When I call KIA customer support (consumer affairs) all I ever get is rude, smug people. I believe the notes on my profile create pre-conceived notions and the book is already closed on us when it comes to KIA direct support. Nonetheless my wife and I are hopeful that one day we will be able to resolve the issue with an update. The tools are in place. We only have one car and feel at risk for lack of transportation. We have exhaustingly looked at several comparable SUVs including some high end fully loaded SUVs approaching $100,000, and walked out telling them we thought the 2016 KIA beat all the competition (what a wonderful testimonial). The only SUV that will come close is the 2017 Lincoln MKX (2016 has an old audio/nav system and is not updatable in 2017). That is a long ways out. By then KIA may have the issue resolved. We can always trade. But one things for sure…

…we need a car now, and overall KIA beats them all when it come to the Limited fully loaded Sorrento with every option available. I had to adjust my priorities.

So what else can I do but create this thread. If you have the same issue, please chime in and help us get heard by KIA so we can listen to music without having to hit shuffle every time we get in the car. My wife and I certainly would appreciate it.
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