Car wont start after installing aftermarket stereo.

SithElementSithElement Member Posts: 1
I have a 2000 Toyota Solara and decided to install an aftermarket stereo in it. before installing it I disconnected the negative terminal from the battery. I hooked up the stereo following the car audio diagram and the instructions provided with the aftermarket stereo. I reconnected the negative terminal to the battery but now the car wont start, the dash lights and console lights flash and the car makes a clicking sound like the blinker is on. I posted a video on YouTube showing what it does I have checked the battery to see if there is corrosion and if it needs a jump by hooking it up to a battery charger, I have also checked the fuses to see if any where blown. I haven't tested the relays because I don't know which to test. When I try to turn the car over nothing happens, no sound (except for what is on the video) and the headlight do not dim. I am hoping it is not the starter.
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