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Intermittent Loss of Power

banjobeckbanjobeck Member Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Dodge
My truck will shut down while driving for a second or two and then regain power. When it does this, the odometer starts blinking and the speedometer and fuel gauge go to 0. All lights and accessories remain powered up during the event. When I check the OBDII codes there are no codes stored but the OBDII readiness codes have been reset as if there was a power interruption.
Any ideas on what is going on?


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    joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    This sounds like a computer circuit problem. If the lights stay on, this rules out the battery, the car starts back up so the spark plugs can probably be ruled out. The dash board gauges blinking could mean the power is cutting on and off to these circuits, which could be a loose wire or computer module problem. If the fuel gauge is mechanical it could have something to do with the fuel pump, but if it is digital then it could be loose circuits, although I'm not sure why the entire car would shut off if that is the case.
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