Ford Ranger fuel pump problems

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im having fuel pump problems i put 2 new fuel pumps in my ranger 25 days ago its a 2.5 4 cylinder th

anybody no why i am loosing power to my fuel pump i have checked the number 5 relay on fuel pump have checked the number 9 20 amp fuse they seem to be good i have no power on my fuel pump now but yesterday the fuel pump comes on an never goes of just runs for along time but truck wudnot start now today fuel pump want kik on at all no power on plug in any help wud be appreciated


  • looney4looney4 Member Posts: 3
    i have checked the relay kik switch on passenger floor panel an reset it it was not kiked and a ? when unplugging it an checkin it with a test lite should that have power on it because mine seems not to
    this is the 3rd fuel pump i have put in the truck in the past 25 days so im thinkin by there being nopower at the plug in now its electrical problem an never was fuel pump in the beginnin
  • looney4looney4 Member Posts: 3
    also i donot have a owners manual for the truck so best i can find out by internet is number 5 relay is fuel pump an number 9 -20 amp fuse is fuelpump any body know any different i have power on those and have bridged relay over with wire still nopower on pump plugin thanks any info
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    Not sure if the owner's manual will help in this case but you can download one for free from Ford.
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