Contacting the fleet manager/internet manager to get best local pricing on new car

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After reading the "blast fax" article on Edmunds
I want to try contacting the internet/fleet managers of my local dealers in efforts to get lowest price bids for a new Honda Accord, where I e-mail or fax the internet/fleet manager with the specifics of the car I want and ask them for their out-the-door best price, making it clear that they are competing with other local dealerships. I plan on calling my local dealerships and asking for the e-mail or fax# of the internet/fleet manager. Also I'm not sure if it's best to contact the internet manager or fleet manager for this type of strategy. To those who've tried this strategy, I would appreciate it if you can share your experiences. How willing or reluctant were dealers to give you the fax#/e-mail of their fleet/internet managers. When I tried something similar in the 90's, I was often transferred to a showroom salesperson pretending to be a fleet manager, that often went nowhere


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    Ah, that's a blast from the past. I did a variation of the blast fax back in 1998 buying my last van. It's nice having stuff in writing instead of hearing promises over the phone that don't pan out. I faxed my offer and counteroffers back and forth with the salesperson that gave me test drive and it worked out well, and avoided a lot of phone tag too (not to mention not having to hang around the dealership negotiating for hours).

    Just like you discovered in the '90s, lots of dealers don't really have internet departments. Everyone is wired and if you call and ask for the internet or fleet manager, you may just get the next salesperson who's in line for the next customer. Not much has changed there.

    If I knew what car I wanted to buy (and it sounds like you do), I'd go to the dealer websites and ask for a quote by email. Even better, go to the Make | Model here, plug in your zip code and use our Dealer Quote service. That'll tell the dealer where you are coming from and whoever gets to respond to your quote request should realize that you are an educated shopper.

    You don't need to impress on the dealers that you are cross shopping. The responsive dealers will understand that. And they won't mind if you reply to them as negotiations develop that Dealer XYZ is offering $xx,000 for the same model.

    My recent experience with emailing was getting a recall done on my Dodge van. I used the email us/contact form at one dealer to make the service appointment. Within 5 minutes I had an email from a salesguy at that shop, and another one from a salesperson at a dealer 50 miles away, both wanting to sell me a car. Idiots. :)

    So I emailed the other local dealer and got an appointment. I had to call this morning to make sure the parts were in since I got nothing in response except an automated email, but they still worked with me and got me in at a better time for me. (I'm actually posting this from that dealer).

    Texting may work better than anything.

    The upshot is if you email ten dealers, you can hope for two or maybe three good responses. Don't get your hopes up too high. Lots of dealers are still stuck in the last century I'm afraid. Maybe it's better where you are.

    Will love to hear how it goes for you.
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    No smart dealer will give you a price in writing.

    They know you will simply take that number and shop it to death.

    Of course, some stores will give you a quote that doesn't include destination charges or a bunch of accessories they have installed.

    Most Blast Faxes are ignored and for good reason.
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    " Quotes sell cars"

    Well, I never saw a quote that I couldn't beat.

    Likewise, had our store given written quotes they would have been used against us in the same manner.

    I once "saved" a cheapskate shopper a lousy 50.00 but they had to drive 50 miles to see me.

    Another reason I retired early.
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