Ford Ranger Gas Mileage

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Can anyone give me an idea what kind of gas mileage a 1998 Ford Ranger would get? Am looking at buying one and that't the only thing I can't find info. on.



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    depends on what your engine size is...i have a 98 with the 2.5 and get somewhere around 18mpg...basically cuz i do alot of city driving...i did a full day of highway driving and got 23 mpg...if you opt for the 3.0 will get around 16/20....and 4.0 15/19
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    My 2003 Ranger XL 5 spd 2.3 Liter gets 30+ mpg going 65 mph for the entire tank.
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    i should have waited until the 2.3 came around. i've got a 2000 with the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder and a 5 speed manual and am lucky to get 23mpg and that's mostly highway. my uncle had a 4 cylinder automatic and then bought one with a 3 liter v6 automatic and says he gets better mileage with the v6. can't figure that one out.
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    No sure how the 2.5 rated on power. I read somewhere the 2.3 has a couple more HP than the 2.5L. At 65 mph, the rpms is about 2400. The tach is a cheapie which give an approximation. So does the other gauges.
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    2.5 is rated at something like 119-120 horsepower while the 2.3 is somewhere in the 140's
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    The new 2.3l is a redesign of the old 2.3/2.5l. The new engine gets 4 valves per cylinder, and I believe an all aluminum construction.

    My old 1993 2.3l had over 142,000 miles on it, and was still getting over 21 MPG in the city. The new one should the same if not better.

    And my current 3.0l is still getting broken in. I've been averaging about 16.5 MPG and slowly climbing to 17.5 mpg. Still have less than 5000 miles on it...
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    mine is a 2000 XLT with 2.5 and automatic and it gets somewhere around 21 or so every tank. i drove it for one full tank on the highway once and came up with almost 25 mpg. i really like mine.
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