2003 Lincoln LS V8 3.9L ETC Failsafe with Codes 2110 & 2107

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We have a 2003 Lincoln LS V8. Started 8 mths ago with a leaky waterpump. Fixed the leak and ever since then it's been going into ETC Failsafe mode with the codes 2110 and 2107. Which are Limited RPM's and the other is Throttle Body Actuator. We have taken the car to the local dealerships (Ford & Lincoln) they finally gave us our money back for the service portion of the appts. The vehicle will run, actually runs great all up until the car gets to operating temperature and then it goes into failsafe mode. It can be sitting in the driveway or out on the road but once it hits operating temp we're in limp mode. Car has literally been sitting in the garage since Dec. 2014 and we're now in July of 2015. Love the car and hate to part with it, just want it fixed. Another thing I personally contacted Ford Motor Corp. and they stated to take it to our local dealership and let them fix it. Been there and done that with $$ given back! Any ideas??? Suggestion was the accelerator pedal sensor but that one doesn't make since for the car only going into failsafe after it gets to operating temp.
Parts replaced so far all OEM parts:
8 coils
8 spark plugs
1 battery
2 O2 sensors (upstream
Oil temp sensor
Throttle position sensor
Oil and filter
Ford corporate office has been contacted and said to replace coils and plugs.


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    Most of these parts do not fail too often. First resolve the overheating, leak problems. Remove thermostat and block the hot bypass hose or port hole. Positive flow and easy on pump, no more overheat and pressure leaks. If you need one, put an inline thermo where the hot hose comes out of engine. I had ETC failsafe due to "lean" condition. Smoke check showed no leaks so it was the EGR - exhaust gas valve sticking and causing the leak, messing up idle and MAF sensor, etc. I unplug the big EGR connector and leave it hang, and runs better than perfect!! Stays closed, no more exhaust gas mix, good idle, power and response. Engine light will come on to show a EGR code, but MAF can only correct by keeping same constant flow of gas mix.
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