Which car would you recommend based on the following criteria?

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Factors important to me in terms of decreasing importance...
1. MPG (40+) 2. Monthly Payment (250 or less) 3. Cruise Control
4. Bluetooth 5. Comfort for long drives 6. Trunk space/folding seats

Factors that don't matter to me are..
1. Brand name, 2. Color availability, 3. Fuel type

I'm looking for something under 16k (new or used). Preferably used.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Lots of top ten lists here. You could look at the new ones and then go back a few years for the same model to hit your price point.

    How about a Prius? Hybrid sales are down so in theory you should be able to find one at a good price.

    I'm also partial to the Soul and new base models can be had for around $16k. The mpg is just "okay" though.
  • malikmaamalikmaa Member Posts: 2
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    Yeah, I have a [non-permissible content removed] for a Prius and that's what I'm exploring. But in the meantime, I was hoping to get ideas for other cars that I can explore.
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