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My car is currently at Gateway Buick GMC in St. Louis Missouri where I have received news that I need a new engine. My car is 2009 GMC Acadia and in good condition. My understanding is very poor when it comes to why I need a new engine in a car that is under 10 years old. I have contacted GMC and they gave me a Senior Advisor and a service # however no one has been able to answer my question as to why I would need a new engine when this car is under 10 years old. I am frustrated and confused. At this point I am considering hiring an attorney. This is ridiculous.


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    Why do they say you need a new engine and what caused it?
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    Let's hear the whole story. How about mileage, type of use, maintenance, any internal eng. work etc etc etc
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    They gave me along lists of things:
    Heater Hose
    Camshaft Activator

    They have not given me an explanation. It stopped on me in the middle of the highway. I had it towed to them. It was driving at first. Then he called and stated that it wasn't drivable because there was a crack in the coolant valve. Again, there was no exact explanation as to why a new engine. I am doing research and have come across many people that have had the same issues with the Acadia.
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    The whole story is that I kept up with the maintenance of my vehicle. There has not been any previous work on the internal engine. I only drive it to work which is less than 20 miles from my home. Never have I driven this car out of town.
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    Sounds like you are out of warranty, but if the dealer has done all the maintenance on your car, maybe GM will kick in some on the repair.

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