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imageGets Impressive MPG on Rocky Mountain Traverse - 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Long-Term Road Test

The 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI gets good mileage but the cost of premium gas really hurts.

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  • joemama127joemama127 Member Posts: 5
    Awesome that the GTI can actually meet or exceed the EPA estimates, but...
    I think most of us are also interested in the following:
    1. ride quality over long distances and varied pavement
    2. If the ride quality wasn't ideal, did the handling on twisty roads make up for it?
    3. wind/road noise levels
    4. Space...or did you feel the car was too small for a long trip?

    Apologies if all of these things are planned for later posts, but you haven't really told us much yet.
  • jfa1177jfa1177 Member Posts: 52
    If those fuel estimates are based on what the car is telling you and not on actual fill ups then your MPG data is not actual. Its been proven time and time again that the numbers provided by the car are not in the least accurate.
    However, I agree with Joemama, road trip info has been vague.
  • ducky10ducky10 Member Posts: 27
    I find that, regarding ride quality, it is important to check tire pressure settings. VW dealers here often put way too much air in tires -sometimes 45 pounds, causing the ride quality to worsen.
  • banhughbanhugh Member Posts: 315
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    "On one 100-mile stretch, I saw 40 mpg!"
    Unfortunately, and you should know that, what you see is not what you get with car mpg calculators, Specially for higher MPGs they get very (+5mpg or more) optimistic...
  • qsoundrichqsoundrich Member Posts: 3
    I don't doubt the author knows how to calculate MPG. It's typical to see 10-15% better than usual MPG when driving through the high altitude areas of the West. I live in Denver and get about 5 MPG better going to the West than I do going East.
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