Dany- Toyota RAV4 engine lights on

dany6dany6 Member Posts: 1
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I bought Toyota rav4 2007, 3months ago ,and last week the engine lights and vsc,4wd came on ,then after 1oo of miles driven ,didn't do anything went off and it was on yesterday, I had to go three different places stoped and started , I filled up the thank the lights were still on ,and today, I started the car went off again ,I stopped copule of times, still good,(the car runs perfectly, i don't notice any malfunctioning )
Can anyone give an idea,and what could have caused the problem pls?


  • royallenroyallen Member Posts: 227
    Any check engine code including gas cap leak will also have VSC (off) and 4WD (off) so any engine problem will not stress the VSC or 4WD components. Many auto parts stores will provide code reading free- you might call one nearby and see if this is available. Roy
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