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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I wonder about that, too. My tires are oversized, yet the speeds are still reading slightly high if my NAV unit is accurate, and usually it's accurate within even very small city blocks.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,574


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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  • Well, I bought the car (1999 with 21,000 miles) anyway. I think it is a sweet deal. I was able to find out that the previous owner was close to 70 and had handicap plates. He/she traded it in on a new Subaru. I have driven it 300 miles and am loving it. I might have paid a bit too much, but Subarus really hold their value here in MN, and it is rare to find a used one of any year with less than 100k mileage.
  • I am looking for a 2006 Forester L.L.Bean,
    I have gotten a few first round quote from a few dealers
    around here, the OTD price are all above $28k. Maybe
    partly because I need financing from subaru, therefore no
    $1000 customer cash-back. So I guess my question is
    what's a reasonable price that I should look for?

    I checked the edmunds TMV for Forester L.L.Bean without
    extra options and the price is $25,587 + regional
    adjustment $175 + destination charge $625 = $26387 for
    my zip code. So, should I be looking to pay this
    TMV($26387) + TTL? Or what should be a reasonable OTD

    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Edmunds probably includes the rebate in their TMV, you need to adjust by $1000.
  • swwjswwj Posts: 10
    The Subaru website has the Beaner's MSRP at $26,895. By comparison, they list the XT MSRP as $27,895.

    I just purchased my XT (including splash guards, auto-dim mirror, rear bumper cover and rear cargo net) in the Washington, DC area at invoice for $26,879, and around $300 less than TMV.

    If you're looking at paying $26,387 I'd say your paying too much, since I got my XT for only ~$600 more.

    Personally, I'd be trying to get it for about $25,900 + TTL. Good luck!
  • I live in Alaska and recently purchased a 06 Forester LL Bean and used Costco in Washington State. They had a dealer in Marysville. The total cost with options was under $25,000.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    One of the guys I work with just had an inquiry from someone who has family in Alaska--what's with the prices up there? Is it really cheaper to have to ship the cars?
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    A friend of mine living in King Salmon (300 air miles from Anchorage)came down to Portland last summer for vacation I met him in seattle then gave him a ride to Portland so we could visit. He purchased one then had it shipped I think it was around $2500.00 I was at the yard it was amazing how many NEW cars were to be shipped. This was the third time he had done it this way..... Matt
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    My Subaru experience. Just over a year ago my wife was looking for a car. She kind of liked the Forester. I went to the nearest Subaru dealer here Appleway Subaru of Spokane and said that were were interested in leasing a Forester. My wife and three kids came to the dealer the next day and she said that we were interested in leasing a Forester. She went out for a test drive and liked it and asked how much for a lease? The salesman then said that she had just driven a 2004 and that they are bad to lease because they have already depreciated significantly. BTW, the sticker price on the car was over $30,000. A little aggravated at this point, we said we came here, we test drove it and each of the two times that we talked to you we specifically stated that we wanted a lease. Will you please quote us a lease price for the car that was test driven. About one hour after waiting and waiting and waiting with three kids, one of whom was two, we left. The dealership was it seems not up to the mathematics of calculating a lease. I do not really know what they were up to, but they played us like idiots and we are not. Those were my last steps inside a Subaru dealership.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Stay as far away from them as possible I went there when shopping and I can tell you they are a bunch of T^&^^T. I wont go into details my trip with them but it was the same by many who I have taled to .But if you want to be treated fair and honest go to SELECT SUBARU in Post Falls. They are a private owned dealer not Corp America like Appelway and Camp. Select in post falls sells more Subarus than both of the Spokane stores together. I live in Spokane Valley and take my forester to Select for service they will treat you fair ... Good Luck... Matt
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Is Select a new dealer? Year to date they are way behind the others you mentioned, here are the numbers of new car sales reported.

    Appleway: 325
    Camp: 291
    Select: 204
  • my sister's car was totalled last week up near boston (nobody was hurt, just a dumb other driver hitting my sister's car) and she wants to buy a new forester x. i know there's $1000 rebate available, and i've checked the inventory of dealers local to her and they have tons of inventory. i'm wondering where these will trade--invoice less the rebate or can you dip into the holdback?? i'll likely do the negotiations myself to make things easier for her. thanks!!
  • manchester sub... i had that price from several dealerships but needed a good price on the trade in. seemed like doing my homework and knowing the phrase 'out the door' really paid off.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Invoice less rebate is fine, find out what they charge for a doc or conveyance fee and offer a bit under invoice to cover a portion of it. Most subie dealers have links on their websites where you can make an offer.
  • xtsfoxtsfo Posts: 20
    I saw an interesting comment a couple of dozen pages (or so) back regarding one dealer's attempt to include a Mandatory Arbitration clause (where you lose your right to sue if needed) in their sales contract paperwork. The poster reported that he was able to tell the dealer to cross the clause out or he'd walk and not complete the sale. I happen be in agreement with the poster - Mandatory Arbitration *is* Weaselling. So, I wonder: Of the people who have bought recently, how many have seen similar clauses in the sales paperwork? Has anyone else tried refusing the clause?
  • I am in need of a new car and am considering an '06 Forester XT premium with 4EAT. I was recently offered a price of $25,170 (including title/doc fee). This appears to be a decent price. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    I currently drive a '99 Accord V6 and would love to get into another Accord but I'm tired of "ice skating" during the winter here in New England. I would like to see a stability control system (among other things!) offered on all Subaru models but I'm hopeful that the AWD system alone will set my mind at ease during my commute on the highways. The base 4-cylinder engine is quick on backroads but lacks passing power on the highway which is why I'm looking at the XT.

    I appreciate any thoughts, specifically regarding the pricing. Thanks.
  • Get a price from several dealers on :D line. This is a good time to buy. I got $1,550 off an original quote from my local Southern NH dealer after getting a better deal elsewhere. (If you are looking for a dealer there is an excellent one very close to the NH/MA state line.)

    I have had vehicles with stability control and don't see any need for it in the's great in the snow, ice and rain.

    I'm surprised you feel the base engine lacks passing power. I've done great passing on the highway and even on hills. Plus I'm getting almost 30MPG!

    Good luck
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's the cheapest XT Auto I could find at, so run and buy that before they change their minds. ;)

  • xtsfoxtsfo Posts: 20
    I recently saw a reference here to the site

    So, I took a flyer and ordered their info kit. It's interesting. Even after literally months of research on a new Forester XT, I found much of the ancillary information (beyond the prosaic model/invoice/MSRP data) to be quite useful. The info kit really concentrates all of the important items to consider during the purchase process. It also describes many of the "car store" operational background isues that influences the deals you see, their timing, and things like why you should look at dealer newspaper ads even if they're not directly relevant to the particular car you're interested in, etc. Recommended.
  • Ive been shopping a Forester X in the Boston area and found one dealer thus far willing to sell below invoice. If one will, they all will. Inventory is HEAVY right now.
  • Hi.. Who is the Boston dealer you contacted ? Appreciate your response
  • I'm actually in the NH/MA area. Can you please post the dealer you worked with and also the price you paid ? I'm looking to buy a forester this week.
  • Sorry I see that you are asking about an XT.

    Ive been talking with Patrick Subaru in Shrewsbury, Mass. Twice they've offered to sell me a 2.5X with auto trans. for $19,980. I've not purchased one because they are not cooperating at all on my trade-in. Thus, I cannot tell for sure whether that price is "valid" or not. But for what it's worth they have given me the impression that if I took the trade out of the deal that's what they'd do.

    I also did not ask if there is some "document processing fee" on their sales contract that would bite me at the time of signing.

    If they have a number of XT's in stock I'd expect them to be similarly motivated.
  • Got a good price from Patrick on a LLBean. Took it to Nashua (NH) Subaru and they matched it. We have had good luck with this NH dealer.
  • Thanks..Will look up Nashua Subaru..
  • I got my 06 Forester LLBean from Manchester Subaru... It was a little rough to get the right price on my trade-in but overall had a great experience there and got an excellent price, see my earlier post for details. Do the internet quote thing and you'll probably get the same OTD price from several dealers then you can see who's going to give you the best trade-in.

    -G in NH
  • Enjoy! Yes, I think the internet has changed car buying for the better. Did you get a chance to try it on ice this morning?
  • After months of searching and trying to pick a car I finally picked up my Forester on the 27th.

    I had to buy it in VA and I live in MD.
    Car: 2006 Forester XT (Ltd.), Manual Trans, White
    Installed Options: All Weather Mats, Rear Cargo Tray, Rear Bumper Cover, Auto Dimming Compass Mirror (not homelinked), Rear Vertical Cargo Net, Wheel Locks.

    Price Out the Door... $26523.

    2 options were not installed... wheel locks and rear bumper cover. I have a "What We Owe You" from the dealership for those parts.

    After one day of driving around I can see I need to have the mud flaps installed. I went through one mud puddle and the forester sprayed the mud all up the right door. If that had been road salt I think my paint would get wrecked, quick.

    So how bad did I do on price? This is my first new car in 10.5 years.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds reasonable, assuming that includes state tax? Yours is pretty loaded up.


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