Buick Encore audio problems

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I purchased a new 2013 Encore and approx 3 months later, began having audio issues. Radio, navigation, CD, whatever was playing would 'skip' occassionally. After more than 16 months the issue remains unresolved. Test radio and speaker checks reveal the radio is not the problem. My dealer says I am the only one having this problem, but it is getting old after almost 18 months. The 'skip' seems to be like someone hits the mute button for a few seconds, but nothing on the screen changes...odd! I have video of the problem, but to date Buick and Gwatney seem to have no explanation or fix!


  • robertsjsrobertsjs Member Posts: 1
    You are not alone. We are having similar issues with the radio cutting out and making a snapping sound when it happens. There is another person with a YouTube video with the same issue. Although Buick is saying there are no other reports of this I think they just don't want to admit there is a problem. We have had the radio replaced as well as countless 'updates'. Nothing has worked thus far. As we speak the car is at the dealership again. I am hopeful they find a cure as we actually like the car.
  • great_dane2great_dane2 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2015 Encore and have the same problem. Love the car otherwise and have been in for warrenty work twice so far. Just updates that from looking on line I knew would not fix it. Last time I made it 3 blocks from the dealership before it happened again. I don't really blame the dealership it is warrenty work that they have to follow do this step, then this step which is frustrating since it mean repeated returns. I wish they were allowed to do more research and just fix them the 1st time.
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    Just to add my two cents...lease an Encore brought back for rear camera ....image is dark.....worked a week then back to dark....also radio shuts off randomly no reason.....
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    I have a 2016 Encore I bought 4 days ago. Two days after I purchased it the radio, door chimes, turn signal chimes all quit working. This vehicle only has 56600 miles on it. And of course is no longer covered under the maintenance warranty. Is anyone else having this problem?
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